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Wednesday, 20 April 2016

The Magic of Courtship

Today's prompt for Magaly's Poetry for the Cruellest month is
"Legendary Beings in Love"
 describe the courtship ritual of a favoured Monster/Mythical creature of legend.

Now some people may feel "Ent's" are a fairly modern creature, but I believed in Tree creatures long before I read any books so I'm choosing to cheat :D

Legendary Love

He saw Her waving from the meadow,
Bowed His head to show He'd seen.
Swaying as She caught His eye,
Swirling skirts of softest green.

As He slowly moved towards Her,
Often times He'd stop to stare.
Enjoying each exquisite moment
As the wind played with Her hair.

A sudden shower does not dampen
The joy They have within Their sight.
Now in the sun each droplet glistens
Like a thousand stars in darkest night.

His arm extends and fingers stretch
To send the kiss He blows Her way.
In return Her arms spread wide
To receive His gift at end of day.

In view of mortal eyes They flirt.
Their Courtship sweet and true.
What takes but moments to Their hearts,
Lasts a lifetime for me and you.

*Couldn't help but make it soppy as yesterday was mine and hubby's 30th wedding anniversary*

Enjoy :D XXX



  1. First of all, Happiest (belated) Anniversary to you and the handsome señor Patrick. I hope you guys celebrated with many smiles and private things.

    I love glimpsing at this kind of love, which seems like just a touch for outsiders but is an eternity for those who share it.

    And my goodness, how I adore this image, Gina. There is something about all that hair, that passive face, and that hint of ever-shifting colors that inspires something in me.

  2. Flawlessly romantic, Gina! An intimate moment when "He blows the kiss Her way". Your poem celebrates love, and fitting for your anniversary too. May all your days be filled with love ♥

  3. I love soppy! It was the perfect love poem! You could really feel how much they loved each other. Your words were lyrical!

  4. This is beautiful! Wishing you a most joyous anniversary Gina :D

  5. Happy Anniversay to you and your sweetie, I love this and if it was influenced by your 30 years together, these wee gifts you speak of poetically are huge in all human, mythical, and legendary lives. Beautiful Gina.

  6. Happy Anniversary! And I believed in tree people even before reading those books, too.

  7. So much to love about this one - especially as someone who is often struck by the beauty of trees.

    I didn't mind the tone at all - happy anniversary!

  8. Awwww, happy 30 years! This was truly beautiful!!!