Saturday, 11 June 2016

World Doll Day Giveaway...

EDIT 13th June 2016...

Winner drawn by hubby is STACY aka MAGIC LOVE CROW!!
Congratulations sweetheart. Will mail your doll in next couple of days :D

Well today is WORLD DOLL DAY
and I joined the tradition of giving away a doll to somebody in the world last year...
this is their 30th year!!!
I hpe I am around long enough to celebrate that many giveaways myself lol
Been a chaotic week here so didn't have time to make a new doll for this event
This year the lucky participant will vet to choose from...

 Simeon Whyte Rabbit


Her Maj the Queen of Hearts
 who is a tad miffed because someone has nicked her crown...
*many suspect Simeon...just saying*

If you would like to win one of these hand made OAK dolls all you have to do is leave a comment,
Easy peasy!

I will do a lucky dip draw on Monday 13th June
*cos I hate waiting to*

Spreading the Love through Art and Dolls :D XXX

and I don't know if it is just a US rule, but to be safe...
Any entrants from Canada I believe you have to do a maths test?????
Can you tell me....what is 1 + 2 ? (hint 4 is wrong)



  1. Oh, Simeon is wonderful! Don't know how smart it would be to have a mad Wueen around the house! They are both wonderful!

  2. Just live Whyte Rabbit ( even though Her Majesty is wearing such a beautiful gown).

  3. I will fight Jonquil for the the Whyte Rabbit! I will totally kick her. Not too hard, just enough to run away with the doll.

    They are precious! ♥♥

  4. OMG, What beautiful dolls, Gins - and what a lovely thought. Have not heard of this before, and have never made a doll myself - at least not a cloth one. Thanks for dropping by my blog - nice to connect again. Always love your place. 'Gotta say, I'm in love with the Rabbit as well -- so much character. hugs, Donna xoxo

  5. Gina, you know I love all your creations!!!! If I have the honour of winning, surprise me girl! Love them both!!!

  6. I can't decide between your Wonderful rabbit and queen! I'd love to win either. I shared this giveaway too. Happy Doll Day! ♥

  7. Would love to win them - the White Rabbit looks cute, Gina!


  8. Me?????? REALLY!!!!!! Happy Dance!!! Wiggle, wiggle, wiggle! LOL! Thank you SO MUCH!!!! BIG HUGS!!!! Tell hubby sending him hugs from Canada!!

  9. I forgot, math test! The answer is 3!

  10. Congratulations Stacy -- you lucky little duck! xo Donna