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Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Re-Vamping on old canvas

I made this canvas a while ago for a competition...
and actually won a prize!!!!
I loved the little sprite but the rest feels a bit
"not me"
 So I reverted to type and  smooshed the 
fuck out of it.
Just leaving the face as a new starting point...
 After adding inks I remembered I'd varnished the original
so I added a coating of white gesso...
and as expected everything just blended.
 So before continuing I added a coat of clear gesso 
and let it all dry .
I used charcoal to sketch out the new figure...
 replacing the toadstool with a block of stone...
 and a collar with broken chain links.
 Starting to feel much more "me"
Mwahahahaha..... :D
Enjoy XXX


  1. The process is incredible, Gina. I love the results. And I sooo hope you tell us the story of the chain...

    1. Now I was painting this while trying to find a starting point for this years story..."The Chain" it is :D

  2. You are amazing! Love!!! "smooshed the fuck out of it." LOL! Big Hugs!