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Wednesday, 5 April 2017

Play time.

Needed a bit of playtime yesterday
 and had been wanting to try an over-stamping technique.
This is how it turned out :D

I started by making a random background using distress inks
 and a make-up sponge.
This gave me a nice leafy pattern
*much greener in RL but light terrible yesterday*
One of the Hunkydory stamp sets I bought last week has a layering butterfly,
where you stamp the solid shape...
 then add a darker pattern layer on top...
 I love how this system works :D
 Adding a few tiny feint butterflies helps give the background more depth.
 So now I wanted a darker feel...
 same technique but using grungier colours.
I had seen a stamper on tv use a single stamp to create a similar effect as the layering stamps.
By simply sticking the stamp on the block the wrong side up
you get a rough base shape*though it will be slightly bigger than the actual stamp*

 Then just turn the stamp (Visible Image Death's Head Moth)back the right way up and use :D
 Again I stamped a few smaller images in the background for depth...
Now to make something with them :D
Enjoy XXX



  1. I bet the stamping process is super-soothing. And how I love the moths!

  2. You're on a butterfly fest too lol. Great ideas here Gina xxx

  3. Beautiful Gina! I like playing with you! Big Hugs!