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Tuesday, 4 April 2017

Revisiting the Darkness.

Way back in June 2012 I decorated a journal and wrote a poem in it.
I was reminded of it by this weeks theme at 

the journal now lives with Magic Love Crow,
but I'm sure she won't mind you joining us for a return visit :D

Dark Love.
As he watched, soul obsessed
A silken tress her breast caressed.
The Woodland Nymph did slyly smile.
She would this human beast beguile.

In sleepless dreams he plans her fate.
Her beauty so intoxicates.
Amidst the trees he'll bide his time
And contemplate his evil crime.

As sweet as sparkling morning dew
Her venom slowly drips.
Her fragrance dancing on the breeze
to his ever hungry lips.

His dark desire he's holding back,
His pain beyond compare,
As his muscles start to twitch.
Yet must he stand and stare.

"I dare you" softly spoke her eyes.
Softer smile her strength belies.
Her sultry gaze reflects his fire,
Invites him to his funeral pyre.

The gauntlet thrown, the challenge taken.
His human guise she has mistaken.
No mere mortal beast she's taken in,
But flash of fangs in Daemon's grin.

Too late for flight, she stands her ground,
still smiling as she turns around.
Quick as a flash her hordes descend.
The Queen their duty to defend.

With passion drawn from darkest soul
he battles to her side...
and with the raising of her hand
the Legions now subside.

United now in passion's rage 
they feed upon their lust.
Full knowing when the Sun comes up,
They both return to dust.

You can see the original creation posts here
Enjoy XXX



  1. Whistles!!❤️πŸ’ Now that's what I call delicious dark and enticing! What a truly mesmerizing tale you have brewed here, Gina. Especially love; ""I dare you" softly spoke her eyes.Softer smile her strength belies. Her sultry gaze reflects his fire, invites him to his funeral pyre." Thank you so much for participating at Prompt Nights and for your constant love and support❤️πŸ’

    Lots of love,

  2. Gina!!!! I look at your journal all the time! Like once a week! LOL! It's so special, like you! I love your words and I love your art!!! Much Love and Big Hugs!

  3. I just adore that their passion is full of rage and that they can feed on that energy. Darkness and fury and just good energy one sips very carefully. Yum.

  4. deliciously dark...Sanaa told it...beautiful!

  5. Oooh! I have many a prurient remark to make, but that speaks to how much I enjoyed this piece. This was a fun taste of love and war.

  6. So they are a match for each other after all. Love is like that sometimes when strength and passion are looked for.