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Friday, 12 May 2017

Alicia's first day.

Alicia "Not" Alice is finally finished 
and will be going to her new home shortly :D
and this is how she fits in to the 

Alicia "not" Alice

Alicia is truly a good girl at heart
although you wouldn't have thought it.
She arrived in our story with a bit of a start,
with nothing to show her true merit.

 Luckier than most she was found by our host
Hortense "the elegant" Hare.
While others would scoff (or chop her head off)
Hortense was minded to care.

For not long ago Hortense' daughter , you know,
was removed to a far distant land.
And work hard as she could, this wise Hare understood
that this girl could lend her a hand.
 While avoiding the glare she combed out the girl's hair,
which was tangled and stressed from the all.
Added trim to her dress, and a pinny for mess
saying "You really don't look bad at all!"

I wander if Hortense is as good a judge of character as she thinks?

Only time will tell...
Enjoy XXX


  1. How fabulous she is :-) I hope she likes her new home xxx

  2. Wow, Alicia looks so beautiful and ready for her new life. Congrats on bringing her into this world. Have a great weekend xxx

  3. Alicia "Not" Alice is lovely. I'm so happy Hortense is not into head chopping because that head is too stunning to let rot and such. Besides, I'm pretty sure Alicia "Not" Alice sort of prefers her head attached to the rest of her body.

    Can't wait to learn more about this lady!

    P.S. The Bloody Bride says to let you know that she LOVES Alicia's "Not" Alice finger-less gloves. :-D

  4. Brilliant Gina!! She is beautiful!! I hope she loves her new home!!!

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