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Friday, 5 May 2017


I have finished the cross-stitch panel I've been working on
all winter.
 To be fair I should have finished sooner, but I get
if you know what I mean lol
 I'm  rather quite pleased that I caught the feel of the original bouquet
and that I managed to salvage a few petals/rosebuds/lavender/leaves
to place in the little initialled bag.

Now for some doll making YAAY!
This doll will be "Not Alice"
 I never made an Alice for my 
because the story wasn't about Alice's adventures in their Wonderland
 So Cora and her flock/family will have to wait 
a little longer while I finish birthing
"Alicia NOT Alice"
*she's a bit of a rebel*

Enjoy :D XXX


  1. Oh she is looking fabulous - can't wait to see not Alice finished

  2. Wow what patience you have creating that magnificent cross stitch, it looks beautiful and a new doll, looking forward to seeing it finished. Have a great weekend xxx

  3. The bouquet is PERFECT, Gina! And it will last forever.

    Is it horrible that I love the headless Alicia? Of course not. :-D

  4. Gina love the beautiful bouquet and bravo for completing it. I am so rubbish at things like that. Love Alicia, she is going to be gorgeous.

  5. Gina, I really love your cross stitch! Breath taking! Priceless! Perfect! I can't wait to see Alicia NOT Alice! Big Hugs!