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Tuesday, 4 July 2017

Alive and kicking...

Sorry...I am still here lol
Hubby came home last week with 
"Can you make a card for colleague...he likes cooking and Rabbits...*
(3 days notice)
 "...and one for a female colleague...don't need that til friday"
(both A4 plus so room for everyone to sign)
and also a special wedding card for next week!!!

We have been blessed this year with a continuous crop
of fruits from the garden... 

 which is looking particularly lush this year :D

AND I am doll making!!!
So this busy Bee will just keep buzzing through :D


  1. First I had the Simple Minds tune start up in my head when I read the post title in my blog reader list, then I see two gorgeous cards and your beautiful garden. Thanks for a fabulous visit this morning, you sound very busy. Xxx

  2. For a second there, I wondered if the first card would contained a cooked rabbit. *CWS*

    1. Mwahahaha....Hubby wanted a "rabbit pie" on the front CWS

  3. Cards for female colleague of your hubby. How generous of you too make such beautiful cards my friend!
    Your are amazing at your skills

    1. lol...I make them for male colleagues too.:D

  4. how generous,and such lovely cards. i love when someone wants me to make a special card. I love gardening to..have a weggi garden.

  5. Busy, busy girl!!! Love the cards!! You certainly have been blessed with fruit from your garden this year! Your garden is looking lush! Beautiful!! Big Hugs!