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Wednesday, 12 July 2017

Losing track...

Sorry for being away so long again.
Youngest Manthing has finished college for the Summer,
eldest Manthing has been moving house 
and we have his dog still
 (easier for both of them while stuff gets carted about).
And Hubby???
Well he worked 5am Friday til 2am Saturday
(covering a charity event in one of their buildings)...
Went to help eldest move heavy stuff from 9am Sat til 5.30pm...
before driving me to an event for 8pm Sat and picking me up again at 1am Sunday.
All day Sunday helping eldest put gate up etc, home at last 5pm Sunday
*too tired to take a shower bless*

Artwise, I've been doll making*surprise!!!*
Recipient has seen her now so I can share
meet Sally
who will be off to Sunny Oz this week :D

I've also just started work on a Fabric journal page for 
a group I'm in *don't think I've shared any of these here*
so I thought I'd share the ones I've worked on so far.

 All totally different...
 as some participants have specific themes...
 while others just want backgrounds to work 
on themselves later.
 and this one is currently "in progress"

So that's me up to now...
losing track of the days
 as per every Summer lol

Enjoy XXX


  1. Me too Gina, but back on track. wow you have been busy with all kinds. How lucky is the recipient of this gorgeous cute cute doll. Loving your fabric crafts wish I could sew lol. Gorgeous talented lady I love and have missed your posts. Scrolling down for more now xxx

  2. Busy, busy household but great you still have fabulous art to share. Sally is gorgeous in her plaid dress and love your fabric pages. Lots to see and admire Gina xxx

  3. Poor Patrick! And, obviously, the pup was helping too (since he's also passed out).

    You've been busy, busy, busy. The doll is magnificent. Love her from head to toe. And the fabric journal idea is so intriguing...

  4. Poor hubby! I hope he had his shower! LOL!
    You are busy Gina!! I love the doll! She is truly beautiful! And, I love the fabric journal pages!! A lot of work!!
    Big Hugs!

  5. With a beautiful garden as always I see! I think those Man things could do with some of you endless energy! Aren't they cute!
    Finally our weather resembles summer? I'm knitting for a princess Puddleduck, and sorta settling into OLdness! hahahahaha!
    How is your cozy Art cottage fairing? I love Sally! she will adore OZ!
    Pop by again soon! xoDebi