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Friday, 21 July 2017

Catching up...

Been playing with different kind of layering stamp...
 where you use red yellow and blue to overlap.
 Then I just  switched blue for black...
 because I could lol

Next I needed to make a wedding card for Hubby's work (A4 s room for all to sign)

 and that got me wanting to make a mixed media piece...
 so I took an mdf heart , painted it white...
 covered it with yummy romantic paper...
 collected some ephemera pieces...
 which I glued on with Matt medium...
 before heat embossing with silver powder.
I had a key die that matched the ribbon!!! 
Cut 2 and heat embossed with silver again.
Project looking awesome...
bedroom not so much bwahahahaha :D
*and yes I do have to clear it all up before bed time*

Since then I have also been working on 2 mini Faerie dolls
*by mini I mean 12" lol*
Cora and Agatha.

Enjoy :D XXX


  1. As always your enthusiasm and getting it done, sets me to thinking about being a copy cat. Love what you do, you are inspiring. xoxo Oma Linda

    1. It's not called "copying" it's called "taking inspratoin" lol

  2. Lots of fabulous projects on the go Gina, butterflies, hearts with silver keys and beautiful ephemera, pretty wedding card and the amazing Cora and Agatha and all so incredibly different. I can empathise with the bedroom, the only difference being it's our spare one and we've now taken the bed out, you can imagine the rest lol. Happy weekend xxx

  3. A wild woman should be able to use her colors any way she likes. ;-D

  4. Gina, your poor bedroom! But, then I shouldn't talk, you should see mine! LOL!
    Girl, do you ever stop creating?? You are an inspiration!!
    Loving everything!! Cora and Agatha are adorable! Big Hugs!

  5. I see Cora and Agatha as great friends having afternoon tea. Absolutely gorgeous as always my friend. Your wedding card is beautiful and i just adore that butterfly stamp .... wow !!

    Hugs June x