People I love

Thursday, 27 July 2017

You know you are getting up too early when...

you've tidied kitchen,
done a load of washing,
hung it out to dry,
had breakfast,
sourced fabrics for a new bag,
 made new bag,
 included extra detailing,
 *now has 3 butterfly bags*
brought washing back in cos it's starting to rain,
vacc'd downstairs and stairs,
checked emails and FB....

and it is still only 10.30 am!!!!!!
Do we think I may be bored?


  1. Oh my goodness you're a whirlwind at getting things done and those bags are gorgeous. I love the pink butterflies xxx

  2. Goodness gracious! You must have excellent lighting, too. :-D

    Love the bags so much.

  3. You go girl! I have to admit, if everyone didn't "sleep" in around here, I would be up and doing things like you! Well done! The butterfly bags are beautiful! I hope you had a good night's sleep before! LOL! Big Hugs!