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Wednesday, 6 September 2017

Getting together again.....

Hubby and I had decided we needed to get some "Us" time this year.
We have always been spontaneous and have been feeling very restrained of late.
You know how it, family, other worldly crap that "needs" to be done.
So we have made an effort to get out more..together!
We don't do "holidays" something always ruins them and hubby is a workaholic ,
so we have gone back to our roots as it were....jumping in the car with a flask of coffee and a few sandwiches, and having adventures.
In March we visited Conisborough castle....
 next up came Gainsborough Old Hall...
 Other days we just disappear to Gibraltar Point for breakfast :D
One morning we strolled round the ruins of Monk Bretton Abbey.
 Another we drove miles to look at a medieval gatehouse lol
Hubby has always wanted to visit Wales...
so one morning we set off over the Pennines...

and kept driving til we reached Rhyl

 While there we noticed a National Trust sign in the crease of the map
which turned into the glorious Bodnant Gardens.
 Then there was the magical lane...
 that led us to Warram Percy!!!
 lots of hard walking on a hot day,
which meant we "needed" to nip over to Bridlington for a paddle in the sea :D
Bank Holiday Weekend...saw a trip down Ancestry Lane
visiting the Villages of Gayton...
 and Blisworth in Northamptonshire.
 And lastly*but not finally*
The magnificent Bolsover Castle
*is it just me or does that look like a flying witch*

So if you have been wondering what I've been up to all summer...
just get out and have an adventure of your own XXX

oh yes...
and the little sisters now have frilly underskirts :D


  1. Setting off on adventures unknown are the very best! I love all your photos, such a beautiful country ❤️🙋👍🇨🇦

  2. Spontaneous adventuring is the best. And with coffee? Well, Perfect. Love the reasons, love the destinations, and no... I was not checking out Patrick's legs. I was just looking that way. And his legs were there. Really. *runs away cackling*

  3. Ah yes looking forward to some spontaneous adventures too as hubby has just retired. Your photos are gorgeous as are the places you visited and frilly underskirts look good xxx

  4. I love the adventures with your hubby! What amazing places you went too! I agree, flying witch! Love the frilly underskirts! Big Hugs!