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Tuesday, 17 October 2017

Busy not doing nothing...

Hubby's days off have been very productive lately... 
 slowly but surely we are "weatherproofing" our front door
*which is actually on the side of the house and opens straight into the sitting room*
and building a higher fence into the back garden(gate will be bigger too)
 Ignore the blue as it is a basecoat. The grey green is the colour
 it will all be when finished.
And this area is going to be where the "Wendyhouse" will be moving to.
Once against the house we can run power to it
 for heating in the Winter as Hubby is using it
as a home office at the moment.

 Saw this driving home the other day and just made me giggle...

 We still hadn't decided about getting another dog, but last friday 
one of the rescue groups we'd contacted got back in touch to see
if we would be interested in Fostering. I said yes as this seemed a perfect solution 
Saturday lunch they texted *apologising for disturbing our weekend* but was there
any chance we could have a home check Sunday as they were desperate to help a
particular dog due to be put down today.
We said of course, and a lovely lady rushed over 8am Sunday morning
Inspected "us"and had a wander round the garden and asked if we were prepared to house 
a large dog to get him out of kennels asap.
We said yes.
2 hours later we went to visit Simba...

I could have just hugged him to death...such a sad frightened soul.
He is only a puppy still really about 1 year old Mastiff X Malinois we think.
Not surprisingly he was very skittish 
and barked pitifully trying to scare everyone away.
Fortunately for him I don't do "scared away". He "bounced" me a few times, 
but there was clearly no malice in him...just a big scared puppy who didn't know how to behave.
There was no way we could get him into the car yet so he 
is still at the kennels, but they are happy to keep him while we gain his trust.
I am determined to get him home by next week!

So don't worry if you don't here from me this week.


  1. Oooh - the new projects are looking cool and I do love that colour green :-)
    Ooooh - such a sweet Doggo :-) I hope that he soon understands that you are offering him a wondrous life. Good luck with the 'friend making' - I think he's gorgeous xxxxxxxxxxxxx

  2. Between the home improvement and spending time with dear Simba, you are right... and we might don't see you for a while. But I will forgive you, if you take that sad look from those eyes and put some meat in that skinny frame. Poor boy. Well, not anymore. Now, he has you... and that's a lot to have.

  3. Poor Simba looks so sad but I’m glad he’ll have you to show him love!

  4. You and your hubby have been busy girl! Everything is looking great! I love the tiredness saying! LOL! I hope everything is going right for you and Simba! Such a cute puppy!! Big Hugs!