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Friday, 20 October 2017

Rescue Freddie

Guess who decided it was ok to come with us
 when we visited him yesterday!!
Fun time Freddie :D
 After investigating the garden he was happily
 before having much needed reassuring back
and belly rubs.
 Even reaching out for "more please"
 And after night of "why don't you want to's 1.30 already?"
fast asleep lol

He doesn't sleep on the sofa, was just having a comfy cuddle
 because Hubby went out without him lol

*we changed his name from Simba to Freddie...
because it suits him and frees him from any bad
associations with his old name*


  1. Ah he looks very settled already - I saw your photo on facebook - heart melting stuff - literally!

  2. How adorable - he looks very comfy and at home. Bless you for rescuing a FurBaby. I hope he settles and gives you much joy xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  3. I love Freddie! He looks so much at home!!! Big fur baby hugs!!

  4. Awwwwww! He’s already benefiting from the love!

  5. He looks like an awesome lovely dog Gina. So happy too by the looks of these pics x