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Friday, 17 November 2017

Special request from Santa...

A couple of weeks back my DIL asked if I could make a little doll
 as a Secret Santa ...
This is AliCat :D (WIP)
 The recipient is a cat lover who is also into
all things Halloween...and she also likes the
 I decided to make the doll a literal Cat Lady...
 in an elegant couture dress with matching shoes.
Her necklace is a choker with a bell on lol....
 and her make-up is in the style of the recipient.
The lady in question also has lush auburn hair...
which she is happy to wear up or wild :D

AliCat now has a shoulder tote bag which will hold her accessorises.
(which will include a pointy hat, wand and scroll of introduction) 
Enjoy XXX