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Monday, 12 February 2018

Look back Darkly...

After the fabulous joy of sharing all things
Poe last month...
LeighSBDesigns is inviting us to play along with her again
How could one possibly resist.
I will be making something new,  but due to
illness(flu) I am running behind, so will begin this hop
by sharing a few passed joys...

An original poem (by moi) first posted way back
in 2014


How beats MY heart?....
Creeping round the neighbourhood.
Filled with passion, fire and blood,
This heart leads me to something good.

How beat THESE hearts?....
Shrouded by a longing deep,
I stand in shadows as you sleep
And darkness comes, our love to keep.

How beats YOUR heart?...
Do you feel nothing for our plight?
We are the Children of the Night
With whom you vow to ever fight.

How beats YOUR heart?
Compassion for my love you lack.
My heart breaks as you attack
with tarnished cross upon your back.

How beats YOUR heart?...
With righteousness, so harsh,so grand.
A wooden stake grasped in your hand...
His body turns to barren sand.....

NOW beats my heart!...
It screams in rage without his love,
And claws spring forth from velvet glove,
As I leap upon you from above...

How beats THIS heart?...
Here in my grip...
Which from your chest I gladly rip...

How beats MY heart Hunter?


*The accompanying art collage is a piece I made years ago when I had a 
"dark" specific blog called "Corner of my eye"*


  1. Gina, I hope you're feeling better?
    Your poem is amazing! How long does it take you to create? Do your words and art just come to you? You are so talented! Big Hugs!

    1. Seriously Stacy...they usually start with a single phrase that sticks in my head and grow from there :D

  2. AMAZING! You certainly have a way with words, Gina! Talented is an understatement. Love the vintage make, too. Yeah, that's what HE said, eh? Feel better, chickie. What better medicine than a dark Hop? xxD

  3. Absolutley Donna...totally lifting my wicked spirits :D

  4. Hope your feeling better today x
    Fabulous vintage piece x

  5. Happy Dark Valentine, so thrilled to have you joining the fun again this month, I wish you a speedy recovery but glad the hop is helping to cheer you up, big hugs! FABULOUS share today, your poem is perfection and your collage is stunning!

  6. Awesome poem! Hope you are better soon...

  7. Absolutely amazing, your talent to evoke emotions.

  8. What an excellent piece and a great poem. I hope you have got rid of your flu bug now :-) x