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Saturday, 10 February 2018

Manflu Sucks!!!

Just letting you know that I am still alive....
I used to laugh at the menfolk for being "poorly"...
It's just a snotty nose, get over it...
but OMG...this last week I have come to feel the pain.

When hubby comes home from wok and says "you look like shit, go to bed"
and it's only 7.30pm you know your struggling lol.
And night sweats!!!! *not the fun  kind*

Anyhow...hopefully turning a corner now (only had to retype 3 times)
so must get back into action.
Besides I won last months challenge at Dream in Darkness :D ...
Got a "Pinworthy" mention at A Vintage Journey...

and now have several posts to organise for
LeighSB Designs Dark Valentine blog hop
The Seventh Annual Vampire's Day Soiree

No rest for the wicked hey mwahaha*cough* ahaa



  1. I hope you are your healthy, chirpy, butt-kicking self for the Vampires Day Soiree!

  2. Please rest and get well! We will be here when you are healthy! Big Hugs!