People I love

Wednesday, 19 September 2018

So busy busy busy... between moving all my art stash out into
the shed/studio, and settling in our new family
member*2 legged not 4* I have been playing in 
some ATC swaps over at 
Willowing and Friends FB group...

 "Mermaids and Water"

"Stars and Shapes"
and an Art Swap *postcard size* with a lady in 
Canada that missed the first ATC swap, who asked
for "Fairytales" and "Anime"
 Loved how the "Babes in the wood" turned out, and 
the "Manthings" said my Anime piece reminded them of a
 specific scene from a classic lol so I am happy with that :D
Next up the "Chagall" inspired Mermaid for the M3 class
I bought from*which I am still enjoying*
 and the Froude inspired Faerie that is to be part
of a wall hanging!!!
So I am still around guys, and thinking of you all every day
Enjoy XXX


  1. I'm loving your new works. Live is interesting isn't it. The ebb and flow of the people, circumstances, realities and modes of living keep us ever stuck and yet forever moving. I pray you new member of the family will find peace with all of you and that you will have an opportunity to model what "good people" really are. You are wonderful. So grateful for your heart, xoxo Oma Linda

  2. Gina, your soul shines through your art! You are truly amazing in all your creations!! Mermaids must be going around, because I just started to paint a mer-crow! LOL! Big Hugs!

  3. Ok... I commented already, but it seems my comment was eaten by cyber-goblins or Bloggers hunger. Anyhoo, I said something about how the "Babes in the woods" is a magnificent work and how I suspect that it's in serious need of a story (or, maybe, a poem). Also, I CWS. :-D