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Tuesday, 12 February 2019

Arty update...

Still loving Life Book 2019 with 
Tamara Laporte and friends :D

 "Celebration Bird"

 "Reaching for the Stars" with Lucy Brydon

 "Super Me"

and still playing at the 
EverAfter 2017 workshop

"Glinda" with Tiare Smith

"Fox and Hound" with Micki Wilde

"Persephone" with Ivy Newport

I think Aqua/Turquoise/Teal is definitely
 my defining colour for 2019, but then I 
have always seen "blue skies" as my happy place :D

Oh and on stranger news...I got an email
 claiming to be from a craft company, who liked
my blog and was I interested in doing a review 
on their products? 
Now usually I just bin such emails...but I checked 
this one out, and it was real!!!
They sent me their magazine and some goodies and 
I look forward to sharing them with you shortly :D

Hope you are all well
Enjoy XXX


  1. You have been having such fun with colours and faces and I love the depth and details on each one of these gorgeous pieces. How amazing you got a real email about doing a review, when I see one of those they get binned in the junk folder immediately, seems I could have been missing out lol. Hope your week is going well xxx

  2. Oh they are all lovely, I haven't had much success with online classes, too much talking and not enough doing for me, I ended up speeding or skipping through the video, which means I miss the essence of the lesson - whoops!

  3. These are all amazing Gina! WOW!!! Truly WOW!!! That is so cool about the review! Good for you Gina! Big Hugs!