Wednesday, 15 May 2019

Being a Tree....

...and the importance of a calm soul.

Sometimes life throws us interesting(but scary) lessons.
Yesterday morning had a beautiful calm start to it,
watering vegetables in my planters and greenhouse.
Listening to the birds singing, happy and loud.
My 2 furbubs wagging excitedly to be going out 
for a walk to the park....
We didn't make it to the park.

After walking to the end of the road and chatting for a
moment with a fellow dog walker, we noticed 2 dogs in a
nearby yard getting "excited" so we went our separate ways 
to give them space.
Their owner was checking his fences for gaps....
when 1 of the dogs squeezed through and ran at us.
I am not afraid of dogs(and because we were near a busy
road) I stood still and allowed it to approach(the owner 
rushing after apologising)
Unfortunately, his dog took an instant dislike to Poppy.
and attacked.
This excited the second dog who then also broke out
and came running to join in.
Their owner was distraught ...trying to pull them away,
horrified by their behaviour.
I wanted to attack them myself(I know I could have hurt them)
but I needed to stay calm...I became a tree.

I dropped Busters lead ,
as they didn't show any interest in him, so that he could run away
BUT he didn't. 
He repeatedly ran at them(no teeth) "tigging" them to get
 them to chase him!!! to draw them away from Poppy, while
I managed to reach down and lift Poppy off the ground. 
The dogs still tried to jump and drag her from my arms,
and Buster STILL ran at them to distract them.
By this time a wonderful young woman pulled up in her car
to offer assistance(dogs still jumping up me barking and growling)
This total stranger allowed me to put my dogs...I now had Buster
up off the ground too...into the boot of her car, and drove us home.
The 2 dogs continued to try and get at P and B even though
 they could no longer see them, and her car was scratched quite badly.

Fortunately a visit to the vet(which the other dogs owner offered 
to pay for) showed Poppy had been very lucky. No puncture
wounds but badly bruised and soft tissue damage on her abdomen.
She is now understandably nervous to be alone, but resting.
 I have several scratches and bruises from the jumping,
but to be honest I didn't feel them yesterday...a Tree has to 
stand fast and tall against the storm to provide shelter
and safety to it's furry friends..
on this occasion, screaming and kicking out would have 
only served to fuel the attack.
And Our Hero...
instinctively knew that...and came out with no
injuries at all!!!

Sorry if this post causes any distress, but if I don't write 
it down it will keep cycling in my brain, and I won't
 get anything done :)

and the lovely Brenda Brown
sent me a stash to play with, which arrived yesterday after the stress 
of the morning to provide balance in my life XXX


  1. A courageous Tree indeed. Reminds me of our punga trees - big ferns - that house and nurture all sorts of creatures for life in their trunk-torsos. And Go Buster!!! (Who looks just like my daughter's Basil)

  2. Gina i hope Rosie is doing better today and not showing too many signs of trauma. Love what Brenda sent you too.

    Hugs June x

  3. First, I'm glad the pups are all right, even if Poppy is a bit bruised. Not ideal, but at least she wasn't bitten.

    You are wise and completely appropriate under pressure. Goodness knows most of us would've probably try to fight (in panicked and protective self-defense) and made everything worse. I wish I could hug that lady. What a wonderful soul! And Buster, too... a hero, indeed. I'm sure he fed on your calm energy.

    I hope that person fixed that fence. It's obvious his dogs should not be left to run around.

    About your post causing distress, it was the contrary for me. I loved what you shared about staying calm, about Buster's good sense, and about that kind lady. The world doesn't totally suck. And that's always good to know.

  4. OMGoodness - how awful for you. This happened to me a long time ago with my first puppy. I picked him up but came off worst because the other dog bit me instead !
    Bravo to your brave Buster. I hope poor little Poppy is feeling better today and I send mental thanks to that kind lady who helped you :-)
    Hugz to you all
    IKE xxxx

  5. Blessings to you all who weathered a terrible storm of aggression. Good on you for being in your head at a time of danger. You are a rock star. Sometimes I'm a tree and stand tall, sometimes a shrub trying but not succeeding very well. Sorry Poppy is sore, bless her. And extra squoozes for Buster for being a boss. xoxo Oma Linda

  6. Oh no, what an awful experience and now I understand your comment in my email. You are an amazing lady keeping your calm in such a stressful and frightening situation and what an amazing way to visualise yourself keeping tall, strong and brave against adversity. I’m so glad Poppy is ok, you and Buster protected her so well, he did an amazing job too. Time now to rebuild and rebalance and to give each other lots of love. I’m so glad my little package arrived just at that moment to ease the transition back to normality. Enjoy and have a wonderful weekend. Huge hugs xxx

  7. I am so sorry Gina! Good for you, in the way you acted! Bless your puppies! Give them hugs from me! Big Hugs!

  8. Oh my goodness you poor thing and your poor pets too. I'm glad that you are Ok and that they are Ok but it must have been mighty scary. Hugs to you all xxx