Friday, 15 November 2019

Changes for the better...

This is the "Sacred Self Care" art doll I made for a 
LifeBook 2019 class with
Tamara Laporte.
(this class can now be bought individually)
She showed us how to work with clay
(but I decided to embrace my impatience)
and used a "Russian doll" for my base.
 I have had this set for year and don't really
do "Father Christmas"....
 I sanded each one and coated with white gesso...
 then black gesso as I was going to use them 
for a "darker" project.
 I can't go through the "re-decorating" process as 
it is a paid for class....
 but I think you might enjoy a few close-ups
 as she is subtley sparkly
 and I still have 4 little gems waiting for rebirth.

Enjoy XXX


  1. Love what you do Gina and yep much better than the father christmas one lol Love her and always always love your art x

    1. I know right...shiny red just isn't me lol

  2. Oh my - she is wonderful! So lovely to see you in blog land again!

  3. You embrace impatience so prettily.

    Also, I'm extremely curious about that "darker project". As you probably suspected I would be.

    1. I'm thinking the smaller ones will still get the "dark" treatment mwahahaha

  4. She looks lovely, I do like the colours you've used.

    All the best Jan

  5. Lol Gina what pattern are you doing ? anything interesting ? Oh you know you hit the nail on the head with the 'Toxic' tag on Facebook. I am getting so so tired of it, I will not say i will come off it but much prefer here these days. Have a lovely day my friend x

    1. I'm knitting the christmas elf which is a free download at Let's Knit

  6. What a clever re-purposing of that nesting dolls. I like how you've made it purely you. I'm curious to see how your creative mind will reinvent the remaining dolls.

    1. Swinging between zombies or vampires lol