Friday, 6 December 2019

Being busy is a good thing...

At least it means when I remember to blog I
will have something to show you lol :D
Obviously the time of year dictates why I 
am busy....
made loads of christmas cards to send...
didn't take any photos doh!
Made 3 lots of preserves
( a few bottles of Crabapple brandy and 
Blackcurrant Gin nom)
 but mostly we have been redecorating.
Our sitting room now has a proper
fireplace (though the fire isn't "plumbed in yet")
 I bought some flickering fake candles to 
give it a cosy feel for now :D
The internal brickwork is original 
but the rest is wallpaper.
Not a bad match really :D

enjoy, stay warm and see you 


  1. It looks fabulous hun and I got my card which is lovely!

    Crabapple Brandy - mmm sounds fun for those that partake in the odd tipple (not me but hubby said it sounds nom). He's made toffee vodka this Christmas which is apparently incredibly potent!

    I'll take his word for it, hope you are having a grand weekend


  2. I like the look of the fireplace in your sitting room …

    All the best Jan

  3. I would have never guessed that was wallpaper.

  4. Mmmm...homemade preserves! Your living room looks so cozy. Just perfect for warm toast and preserves with a cup of tea on the side. :)

  5. Hey Beautiful Soul!
    Your fireplace looks fantastic! Love the wallpaper! It looks real!
    The homemade preserves look so yummy!
    I've been bad in blog land, not staying in touch! Know, you are always in my thoughts!
    Happy 2020! Many blessings! Big Hugs!