Saturday, 16 May 2020

Lockdown Baby blues

I haven't been "arting" since Yuletide as I was 
to busy "squeee ing" over the news that we are
expecting our first Grandchild this summer.
(best christmas pressie ever)
So of course I have been knitting...
 We know the baby is a girl..and every young lady 
needs a variety of styles...
 for all kinds of events :D
 and general day to day wear.
 all delivered in a set of matching luggage lol
 Mum to be was missing tie backs for the nursery curtains
so I managed to make up a pair from the fabric bag they
 came in...
 Oh...and a snuggly "sleeping bag" suitable for 
cold nights or out and about (wish I'd had one of 
these for her dad as he wouldn't stay under the covers)
 Had bought these matching mugs for the Baby Shower
(which of course can't happen at the moment)
 AND I just couldn't resist making a bunny suit
even though it won't fit her til Christmas lol
Poor DIL has had to go through her first pregnancy in isolation
and was feeling a bit low.
So, as there was a minor relaxation in lockdown this week,
we went over to sit in the garden and give her these gifts....
only made her cry twice so I must be slipping lol
And as the little one has 2 great Aunts who also knit
she is never going to be short of designer wear :D

Stay safe folks, but not at the expense of
your mental well being XXX


  1. She'll have the cutest wardrobe ever! I hope you get a chance to snuggle that grandbaby!

  2. I bet the Little Princess is already dancing in her mama's belly to the tune of all the love she's receiving. I bet she can't wait to wear her stunning attire and grin a delightfully toothless grin for grandma. And I bet you made your DIL's day--some cries are so good for the soul.

  3. What a lovely post to read, and I love the things you've made.
    Congratulations to all.

    All the best Jan

  4. Oh Gina the knitting is lovely, I love the purple one - gorgeous. I'm not surprised she got teary how lovely to receive such beautiful gifts, I can't imagine how difficult an isolated pregnancy has been, hope the easing of restrictions makes life a little easier.
    Much love

    1. I have to admit that the purple set was a self indulgence, as it was the very first outfit I knitted when pregnant with my eldest (before I knew he was a boy lol)