Monday, 6 July 2020

Not the best photo in the world....

BUT definitely the best photo in My World...
 Got my Grandbaby, 25th June :D :D :D
(and yes I was soaked in sanitizer gel)

To keep me sane while waiting I took part in 
Kaleidoscope Taster week with Tamara Laporte.
One of the classes was about "Analogous" colour
schemes and we painted a "Mighty Lion"
 I enjoyed the process so much it is currently my 
Painting meditation each morning...
now meet
"Beautiful Bush Baby"
 "Delightful Donkey"
 "Elegant Elephant"
 "Gentle Giraffe"
 " Opulent Okapi"
 "Pretty Platypus"
 "Zany Zebra"
 and yes I am going to have a full alphabet by the time
 the full course begins in August :)

also this week I have had the company of
 this stunning "Old Lady" moth in my art shed...

so I am totally in a "happy place" right now.
Hope you all are too XXX


  1. I completely disagree with the title and initial statement. Right now, the image of a grandma holding her grandchild makes the best photo in the world. And the paintings and butterfly are icing on the awesome cake.

  2. Many congratulations on the arrival of Grandbaby :)

    I love your art too.

    All the best Jan

  3. Thanks for making me smile!!!! I love the image of you and your Grandbaby!!! Congrats Gina!!! And, I truly love ALL of your art pieces!!!! Big Hugs!