Monday, 15 June 2020

Climbing a Summit...

Well that 3 weeks just flew by!!!
I was feeling the need to get back to painting for 
a while, and a free summit appeared so I signed up 
and have been happily playing in my own world. 
(Lot of photo's so I'll just list them 
and name the person who inspired )

 "In the Beginning"
 with Alexis Cohen

 "I am here to catch you" 
with Shiloh Sophia McCloud

 (Sketch in my notebook while listening to
Amber Bonnici)

 "Be Free" 
with Tamara Laporte

 (a background I painted while listening to
Albert Flynn DeSilver)

"Let Go Goddess"
 with Christa Forrest

with Andrea Gommel

With Beth Osmer and Freya Whitney
(worked over earlier background piece)

 "Moving Forward"
with Christina Miglino and Stephanie Ignazio

with Paula Tursi

with Jeanine Staples

with Benjamin Bernstein

with Angela Blaha

"New Beginning"
with Alexis Cohen

Though some of these pieces were specifically art classes,
 most were just interviews with very interesting people who
were sharing their personal "connection" with Spirit energy
in their creative practices. I found it all fascinating, and am 
left feeling full of ideas for even more pieces.
The lesson I learned most was "Trust". Trust yourself
and your feelings. Trust your own abilities. Trust your
Higher self/Spirit Guides/Goddesses etc and be open to 
the messages they are sending you. AND
Don't be afraid to ask for help!!!
So now I am off to rework a big canvas that was 
nagging at me since I abandoned it last year, because this year 
I am all about "Completion" 

Enjoy XXX


  1. Love Expectation and New Beginning, to be honest they are all fabulous and i love your art work. My fave of course is 'In the beginning and that was just a fab gift to recieve. I am still looking for a frame for it and will of course show photo when i have hung it up. Its incredibly brilliant and unusual and that is something i look for in art. truly original. Lovely to see you posting again Gina. Sending much love (and soon some bits and bobs ) Hugs June x

  2. I love the all, Gina. "In the Beginning", "Be Free", and "Create" sing extra loud in my mind's ear. I do love it when you paint up a glorious storm!

  3. Oh that was a fabulous post with some amazing artwork cant wait to see your finished canvas