Friday, 25 June 2021

Busy with Life..

And Lifebook 2021 :D
so I thought on this 
1 year Anniversary of becoming
Granny G
I'd share a few of my fav arty bits so far ...

I can't share pics of my gorgeous grandbaby on here
(because we all know there are sharks out there)
But wanted to let you know we are all happy and well
(and spoiling her rotten...mwahahaha)
Enjoy XXX



  1. Hi Gina, your art is incredibly good. I have always admired it but wow you really really blow my mind you talented lady. These are awesome, all of them. Now then Granny G, Do not forget to give little buttercup squashy hugs and kisses from Auntie June. Happy Birthday sweetie !!!! <3

  2. She is such a beautiful angel that not spoiling it should be a crime. I hope she had an awesome birthday.

    And I love seeing your paintings. I love the first one so much, that extra yummy green! The same goes for the lady with autumn for hair and the last painting.

  3. oh beautiful artwork and I'm so glad you are enjoying being a Granny G.


  4. Truly love your art Gina!!! So happy Grandbaby is doing well! Big Hugs!