Wednesday, 15 December 2021

Spiritual "self-care" is soooo time consuming!

 ...which is my only excuse for the lack of blogging time this last year.

Fabulous though it has been to spend so much time "arting", it definitely

takes away from the "writing" side to my nature. This new year I hope to 

create more balance within my own creative little world (fingers crossed)

ad to be more attentive to my blogging life.

So a little less time "away with the Faeries"
and a little more organisation me thinks :D

Excitedly looking forward to a more productive
See you all there :D


  1. Balance is a wonderful thing. And I'm not just saying that because the idea of you blogging again makes me so very happy. It is nice to get to see what you've been up to through your art and more.

    I love the contrast between the two pieces. The first feels whimsical and Nature-kissed. The second looks like the last three years--socially distanced and covered, but still kicking (and ticking, too).

  2. Happy Holidays, read you next year🎄

  3. Yes !!!! You could be reading my mind too my friend. Balance is something i need in my life and a more Organised use of my time including all the parts of my life. Looking forward to sharing with you in 2022 xxxx

  4. Gorgeous art! It is great that you are practicing self-care!