Thursday, 17 March 2022

My latest obsession ...

 I am absolutely loving taking part in this years 
PYH&S course.
Here are a few more pieces I've done in 
my sketchbook...
Acrylic roomscape with 
Kat Hamilton

Imagined Portrait(in oils) with
Shannon Richardson

mixed media "telling a visual story"
with Pamela Vosseller

Art desk doll
with Le Anne Hahn-Washburn

and then there are my "Elfies"
This is my second piece inspired by 
one of the hundreds of photos I have
of my Grandbaby lol

and this is number one in what I am expecting 
will become a life-long obsession XXX


  1. Oh they are all utterly gorgeous xxx

  2. Like Laura, I love them all. But the mixed media piece is my absolute favorite. I would like to use it on a future writing prompt... I bet it would inspire wonderful stories and poems.

    1. You know that what is mine is always yours XXX

  3. All i can do is watch in fascination at the beautiful art you create Gina, each and every one of these is so beautiful and so you. I agree with Magaly, the mixed media piece is totally fascinating !!! I love the Elfies <3 adorable. xxxx

  4. I really adore the Telling a Visual Story one. The use of texture makes me think about all the little details that add nuances to the way a story gets told.