Thursday, 15 December 2022

Unqualified failure...

 Well I totally failed to keep up with my blogging in 2022!!!

Oh the shame!

My only defence/excuse is that I have no real excuse.

I blame family life, chaotic situations concerning loved ones

and the same old same old aches and pains ...

But, I've always had the aches and pains, so why am I giving in

to them now?

I guess I just need to give myself a stern talking to and get on

with life while I still have one!!!

Children, grandbabies and life should not be an excuse to do less,

rather a reason to enjoy things even more.

So look out 2023, this battered old hag is coming for YOU!

"Let yourself Bloom"

I can't even fathom how this was the last class I did...
PYH&S week 30 (they are now doing week 50)

Some wise words from a youthful family member...
A nephew asked why I was limping, I reminded him that I
was old and worn out.
His reply was,
"when we get old there are 2 things to be,
old and worn out or old and Dead.
Better to be old and worn out"

I laughed. He is right, and I am certainly not 
ready to lay down permanently just yet :D
Be seeing you soon.


  1. Yep old and worn out means you've enjoyed a life worth living, hoping to see you blogging more in 2023, but completely understand life the universe and everything getting in the way!

    1. BTW I got your lovely card and newsletter again this year. Looking forward to even more adventures in 2023 XXX

  2. I am extremely glad that you're planning to come back to blogging. I miss your art and words and general awesomeness. I find myself missing the old days so very much...

    1. P.S. I received my surprised and LOVE it! Thank you!!!