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Tuesday, 27 December 2011

An Angel Appears!!!

Last week I shared a page in my Altered Book of Stuff that had an angel on it......

This is how my angel "appeared" to me.

I had roughed up the page with acrylic paints to match it up with the tipped in page of my dog sitting by the front door....
As I looked at the drying page I started to see the shape of an angel
It was such a subtle image that I decided to use grey and white chalk pastels to highlight it...
His wings looked like feathers....
and his arms were outstretched.
I built up the layers, slowly and loosely....
until the form was fully visible.
I blew off the loose dust and sprayed it with artist fixative....
I love the weathered look to the finished piece....My Guardian Angel :D XXX



  1. I do love her, Gina. Great work. Nice she appeared for you at Christmas time. xxDonna

  2. I am totally in awe of this Gina.luv Georginax

  3. That's quite an entrace this angel made. :) Awesome! And I love that doggy, too. :)

  4. Wow how simply amazing! I love how you developed him. Thanks for stopping by my blog - I do hope you have a wonderful new year and that 2012 brings joy and laughter xx Janet

  5. wow gina, it is so great to see these creative process going on! it is funny that you see an angel in the first picture. It remind me at my childhood when we lay in the grass and see the whole world in the clouds that passes by...and now the love to this kind of sight grows again ;-)

  6. this is so cool. i dig the looseness of creating it.

  7. ok. can i pick my jaw off the floor??? that was fabulous!!!!

    hugs :)

  8. Ginas I love your guarden angel. What a beuaitul art work. Piarom write here above that it remind her at her childhood, I can agree that. Also my childhood to see all beautiful things in the clouds.
    I will come back on your site,.
    lovely greet
    marja (The Netherlands)

  9. Wow, a lovely angel, I love little by little as it appears in this delightful sequence. Greetings.