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Tuesday, 27 December 2011

In the new year I resolve...

This week the theme at The Butterfly Effect is Resolutions.......
I only usually make 1 resolution, the same every love my hubby more this year than last year. A resolution we have shared since the year we met...everybody say aaaaaawwww! :D
But this year I need to get more focussed. I need to calm my mind and learn to relax more. I need to spend more time in prayer and meditation, so that I can focus my energy on the important things.
So these are the things I am resolved to do in the new year...and ever onwards.

I have used the board book Amy showed us at a live class(video here) as the base for this piece.
I drew a face tilted down as if in prayer over a paper collage base...

then used a dry brush to add layers of white and blue acrylic paint
Next i "scruffed up" the double spread with blue and yellow
before adding a skin tone with wetter paint.
I wanted the bee visible again, to represent my busy mind, so I gently scratched away the painted layers with an emery board
and highlighted the features with blue pencil.
I have been enjoying using coloured pencils of various types, and used Inktense and Soft Colour to add some words to the page.
All together a feel a calm peaceful creation :D XXX



  1. and beautiful. it's beautiful.

    i like the way that you think, and i like the way your pieces progress organically.

  2. Wow.. you are quite the heavy thinker. Love how you showed the progression of your masterpiece..just a beautiful picture and so inspirational. Hugs

  3. Way to begin the new year, Gina. A beautiful piece ... love the process you went through to reach your destination. xoDonna

  4. Amazing work Gina and thoughtful ideas. Love the techniques and colours.
    Here's to a happy, healthy and peaceful new year.
    luv and hugs {brenda} xoxox

  5. That's a wonderful resolution. I wish I was that deep. :) Board book entry is beautiful!

  6. love your page especially the spot with the bee and the closed eyes ... what a nice idea to let the bee represent your mind, hehe

  7. Stunning pages Gina and I love your resolution - still thinking about mine..
    Happy 2012.
    Hugs xx

  8. A really beautiful and mysterious image with the bee on the front. Greetings.

  9. Cool Idea to make the board book into a resolution journal.....would be fun to make one each year :)

    Looks like a cherub to me....with a sweet, serene expression and curly locks.