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Thursday, 29 December 2011

Girl in a golden crown...a la Amy

I have been working on an altered board book, to use as a base for painting on using Amy's "painting on collage" method. I usually draw my own face template, but this time I decided to try the "tear a face out of a magazine" technique :D
Following Amy's instruction video(FREE CLASS, portrait with groovey crown), I painted a layer of brown paint over the image...
then started adding layers of white paint with a dry brush.
I used a pencil to pick out the features again, and started blocking out the background.
More layers, and some black on the background to throw the face forward.
More layers of skin tone(not as white as it looks ) using wetter brush...
and more definition on eyes and lips....
And add her crown.

All in all a very satisfying effect, with no portrait drawing skills required :D
I will probably distress the background a little to reveal some of the patterned papers, when the whole thing is properly dried.
Enjoy :D XXX



  1. Absolutely stunning result, Gina. The texture is wonderful. She is one strong woman! hugs, Donna

  2. Oh that's fabulous sweetie - I haven't tried the tear a face out of a book routine - must do that!

  3. check out 'unfurling' misty mawn - most fabulous book isbn 13 978 1 59253 688 7

    your work is really developing, you have such a good eye for composition,


  4. I concur with what Donna said there - did a review on that book here: it's a fabulous book!

    Love this crowned lady muchly!

  5. Delightfully wonderful, I love the evolution of this sequence with that picture, very interesting.

  6. i love this. i was batshit in love with it when i saw it on FB, and i'm over the moon batshit in love with it still.

  7. I can't get enough your show of artistic metamorphosis. You already know I incapable of producing this kind of art; so I LOVE the fact that you show me how you get there.

    She is lovely!

  8. She is fabulous, Gina! Did you do this in yesterdays class? I can't follow along cause I'm having too much fun chatting. :)) But I did color my ATC's yesterday so I feel very productive. :) Happy New Year!!

  9. wow! you actually take a foto and totally transform it. now THAT'S art!

    hugs my friend! :)

  10. That's cool, thanks for sharing the photos.
    Wish you a great weekend and a Happy New Year. :)

  11. STUNNING - thank you for showing the whole process. Love the final result.

    Wishing you a happy and healthy 2012.


  12. Hello Gina :-) your queen turnod out so nice, I love the countenance! hihi we are doing the same thing, I have tried it out, but found it a bit tricky... AND as always I can´t paint the background over ;-)