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Sunday, 31 May 2015

A strange affair....

"SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAL!!!!!!....." cried Her Majesty as she dropped to her knees in front of Hortense.
 "Oh Your Majesty!!, whatever is the matter?" 
Hortense tried to comfort her distraught friend.
 "S...S....S...SPIDER!!!!" she hiss/screamed in Hortense's ear.
" For goodness sakes..." tutted Hortense, "Your not carrying on like this over a little harmless creature?"
"It has my crown!" Stated Her Maj in a strangely matter of fact way.
Hortense sighed , rather too loudly. "Let me go and get it for you...where is it?"
"In your sewing room...."
Choosing not to question the Queen as to what she was actually doing in her sewing room, Hortense went to retrieve the regal ornament....
"AAAaaaaaaaaaaaargh.....!!!!!" Screamed Hortense as she hurtled back to the Queen...
"You never said it was THAT big!!!"
"You didn't get my crown then?" shuddered Her Maj. "What are we going to do?"
Captain Horatio Hornbeam ran to find the two ladies shivering with fright....
"I don't care how big it's only a spider" he scolded, and went off to investigate.
After what seemed a lifetime, accompanied by distant sounds of female giggling, male guffawing and way too much shushing for Hortense's liking, Horatio returned looking way to pleased with himself.

 "My apologies, dear ladies. May I introduce Ms Fiona Tarantella...."
 " Your crown Your Majesty." spoke the beautiful but deadly Ms Fiona.
 "Explain.....NOW!" demanded the Queen and Hortense as one.
 "Fiona and I met on my last voyage....".  "I was talking to HER!" Hortense glared at Fiona with an intensity that would have melted a suit of armour....
 " Most gracious Lady, you have nothing to fear from me...I asked Captain Horatio if I could call on a Sister Seamstress. I wondered if you would be interested in working with some of my silk? I am the Greatest "spinner" in the World!"
 And with that Ms Fiona commenced a little dance that involved lots of foot stamping 
 and spinning around on the spot...
 "It's no good Fiona...I must tell her the truth...
I asked Fiona to come here for a special purpose..
to spin silk for your veil."
And with that Horatio dropped onto one knee...
"Will you marry me dear lady?"

Oh My!...I don't think Hortense was expecting that, do you?
Wonder if she will accept his Proposal ?

This was my post for May Monster Madness 2015
I will post about how Ms Fiona was created in a few days.
Enjoy :D XXX



  1. Ah, wonderful! Fiona looks brilliant :)

  2. Oh my!! ❤ Ms Fiona Tarantella is utterly splendid, Gina!! I wonder if Fiona is related to Magaly... all those wicked dance moves! ;D

  3. Love love love and you are the mad storyteller lol. Wonderful fun for a sunday.
    Hugs June x

  4. Ah, what a lovely spider lady!

  5. Proposals must be in the air! Diamonds were flying about here last weekend! When Fiona is done spinning lace , she maybe be called upon here !
    Horatio, dodged a bullet didn't he! Lololol
    I will be watching this tale with great interest as always! xoxo

  6. Gina, you can weave such a delicious tale. I'm sooo love the outcome of the madness. I was certainly not expecting it.

    1. Oh, and the shawl of the new arrival is lovely!

  7. Cool little tale ... and nice hand-crafted dolls...
    Happy last day of May , dear Lady Holly....

  8. Ms Fiona is frightfully fabulous, Gina! ❤

  9. Oh, the tale and the pictures! Gina, you have outdone yourself! It was beyond fabulous!

  10. Oh wow - this is jusy awesome and I LUV the figures. Can't wait to see if she accepts !! :-D

    IKE xx

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  11. Oh my gosh! You have the soul of a romantic! I love the twist at the end. Fiona is gorgeous!