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Wednesday, 3 June 2015

June in Bloom

 This month I started with Brian Addams ...
 and decided he should be a garden spirit...
 which meant replacing his guitar with a watering can :D
 Added random blocks of colour to the background giving it the feel of a blooming flower bed...
The art challenge part this month was to use glue/paint skins, you know the dried up bits of paint you peel off a palate...
so I smooshed some acrylic paint onto an acetate sheet and left it over night to dry.
 Once dry, I peeled the whole piece off and used an old metal cookie cutter to chop out some "rounds" for flowers, while tearing off bits of green for leaves.
 I used some of Darcy's leaf stamps to add definition to Brian's hair.
 I didn't have any ticket stubs for the second required element, but I did find a strip of tickets with insects on in my stash (Hunkidory paper kit) so I have used those instead :D
Drew in a little detail with Posca paint pens and stems with Darcys stamp...
 My greenman and me just chillin' in the garden...
playing air guitar with our watering cans...
or is that just me?

Enjoy :D XXX



  1. Hah I can just see you rocking out with your watering can. Love your paint skin flowers, very effective. I get a thrill when I peel up paint or glue lol big kid!

  2. " I will Run to You" wild one DANCE! Perfect choice to start the BLOOMING season off! Nicely done as always! xo

  3. Very cool, Gina. Perfect spring/summer piece of art!!

  4. Love the transformation from rockstar to gardener!!

  5. oh it's wonderful, lol watering can is brilliant & I think Brian would be happy to be a greenman

  6. I am giggling my butt off at Brian Adams as Greenman. That's awesome!

  7. I am giggling my butt off at Brian Adams as Greenman. That's awesome!

  8. Now that is one very clever creation - LUV it :-D

    IKE xx

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  9. Your Brian Addams as a gardener looks fantastic. Love the expression on his face. but you know what made me grin from ear to ear, what gave me an instant jolt of pure happy? Your fingers over the glue paint. For some reason, it looks wonderful! ♥