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Friday, 5 June 2015

I loves me a new challenge!

But I loves even more revisiting old ones with a new technique!
While waiting for the new challenge at Forever Dark to appear, I ripped open my new resin kit and had a play for the latest challenge over at
 June's challenge is to create using Bugs and /or gems and/or Gewgaws(flashy bling)
I'm not one for wearing bling, but the Junebug jewels appealed to me.
I have a broken spider necklace my dad bought me for my 18th, and decided this was the perfect challenge to final make use of it...
 So I lined a bezel with spiderweb paper
(and then did another with a chunk of background canvas from my stash)
 and I made way too much resin up so had to do a third...
 and still had too much resin left, so filled 3 watchface glasses, picked some forget-me-nots from the garden and added those too.
Left them to set overnight...
and the blue flowers had lost all their colour???
But I still love them as they look reeeeeeally old now.
 My spider is now encased in resin...
 with just a few body parts above the surface, as if she had crawled onto the wet sticky surface and been trapped
 like a golden bead sticking out...
 Hard to take close-ups of shiny objects lol...
 All 3 are so different, yet organic...
 I used 3 different colours of tiny beads  just sprinkled into the wet resin.
Some sank and some floated, which gives lovely depth to the piece...
 While this one is just the patterned canvas under resin, and makes me think of a portal into another moon over orange seas.
 Apart from the obvious excess and spillage, I thoroughly enjoyed making these pendants

See you on the Dark Side :D XXX


  1. Looks like you had a wonderful time with resin and ideas.....lovely work.

  2. Gina these hearts are so adorable!!

  3. Love your resin pieces Gina.
    Have a great weekend.
    Hugs Brenda xxx

  4. These are seriously beautiful

  5. These are seriously beautiful

  6. Hi Gina, You do the most amazing thins. Such a very talented artist, you are.

  7. Oh WoWza !!! Now those are wonderful. I am so impressed with your fabulous resin work :-)
    I have a message from The Master............ "Dost thou not want thy Prize from QTR ?"

    Hugz IKE xx

    1. ooow...yes please...I just assumed you still had my address sorry :D

  8. The pendants look great and i love how you reused old jewellery!

  9. You had me at "bugs and gems". :-D ♥

  10. they are all gorgeous thanks for playing at hdh

  11. I love these, especially the painted ones!

  12. WOW! these are beautiful! I had some resin and so far have been afraid to mix any up. thanks for the inspiration and for sharing with HDH. xxD

  13. gorgeous, they are all so pretty

    thanks for playing at HDH

  14. Such a cool and lovely project. It is so great when you can reuse a treasured item into something new again.
    Thanks for playing in the dungeon with us at HDH.