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Friday, 29 May 2015

BaaaaaaaaaD Faerie!!!

Faerie Fatale

"She waits there for me neath a rose covered bower
Her eyes are like violets just after a shower..."

The words of an old song ran through my mind,
And I knew they were meant for a soul of her kind.

Her cheeks pink and rosy, like blossoms in bud
With deeper red hints of congealing fresh blood.

The whites of her eyes were more yellow in hue,
And deep purple bruises were now showing through.

"Just give me a moment..." she cooed with such grace
"It won't take me long to fix my new face."

You know how we crafty types like to save(hoard) stuff....
Well I've had this pink bit of fru-fru that my eldest's girlfriend was throwing out for years....

 Prompted by a group of like-minded lunatics, I decided to alter it a bit...
 Promarkers are a wonderful product...not just for colouring on paper lol...
 I snapped off a few of the hangers, leaving the 2 arms and 2 for wing placement...
(forgot to say, she is going to be a Bad Faerie)
 Totally got carried away and forgot to take stage pics, but layers of gesso and some crumpled tissue being glued on to a polystyrene egg aren't necessarily as exciting for you as they are for me :D
 *look at those yummy skin folds...*
 Scraps of black lace and a bit of bling...
 and my creepy Bad Faerie is complete!
Now remember...
don't get lured in by a Faeries pretty face,
the one she is wearing might not be hers....

Enjoy :D XXX


  1. How scary ! Great work! Keep your face under the blankets at night!

  2. a tad morbid on the poem tho it definitely fits with your stunning creation. just amazes me how you do it!

    hugs :)

  3. With a flick of a pen it can all change! I love what her expressive face ( today) is telling me! She is definitely here to stay! xoDebi

  4. Ha! I love it & have often thought of doing this to mine. 👍🏼❤️ xo

  5. Lol Gina. She is super fabulous. You are so inspirational my friend. Oh and I adore your blog page background and header .... gorgeous.
    Hugs June x

  6. Gina, that last line is so absolutely haunting... The poem goes all dark and cheery and then the faery drops that bomb. It makes me want to look behind my back for no reason...

    I do adore her face though. *mad cackles*!