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Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Dark Angel

Doing the Quoth the Raven challenges has really got me missing my dark blog.
While visiting another entrant this month, I was reminded of a challenge site I used to join regularly
It is now a monthly challenge site...not cute...most definitely creepy!
Found it just in time to do a quick make for this month...

Meet Dark Angel

Now you may think this took ages to do, but in fact I only spent 2 hours on this creation.

I had saved a broken toy. It gave junior the creeps*even though he wanted it !!!*
 Gave it all a quick coat of black gesso...keeping it thin so I could see the feather details...
 then painted a face over the owl head...
 I prefer the reverse of objects to be just that, rather than a copy of the other side...
 Acrylic paint to re-emphasise the featheriness on the wings...
 both sides of course or she would look weird...
 The original wooden ball was missing from the owl string, so I used a black skull and  heavy sparklie from a broken bracelet as weights...
 and Dark Angel flies again!!!
 Junior still thinks it's creepy lol

Enjoy :D XXX


  1. See my standing ovation!!! I love your dark angel! Nothing is safe from your creative vision! Brilliant! Bravo! xo

  2. That is really cool! What a wonderful, spooky redo!

  3. Oh my goodness Gina... it is dark, a bit creepy, but with certain sweetness as well! Much better than the owl and more personality!

  4. Great work. Nice to see how you transformed her from the owl. Also love that you did the back side of her too. Nice attention to detail. Thanks for sharing with us at Haunted Design House. :)

  5. Love the details of the wings. And her face!

  6. WONDERFULLY creepy! What a fab transformation and super paint job. Hard to believe you could manage this in 2 hours (but I do, of course). Extra points for giving Jr. nightmares. LOL Thanks so much for joining us in the dungeon at HDH. Good to see you back. xxD

  7. This is FANTASTIC!!! WOW! I love this. Great transformation and she is very creepy looking.