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Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Busy week....

Sorry for the long absence...Hubby took the week off to stand at the bottom of the stairs while I balanced on ladders to finally wallpaper the stairwell...
 Still got to paint the woodwork (5 door frames/stairs and handrails)
but loving the bright sunniness for the flowery paper :D
After a lifetime of "boything" stuffs, I think "flowery" is well over due...
 Saturday morning we decided to reclaim some of our youthful silliness...
dragged the teenthing out of bed at 6.30 am, and drove to the coast for breakfast.
Got there before the Bank Holiday rush. Seafront cafe just opening for breakfast(they allow dogs in too), had a lovely walk on the beach before sharing a bag of fresh donuts and home for lunch.
 First long trip for Roo (2 hours eachway) but she was the perfect passenger and loved the beach :D
 As to crafting.... going to a wedding on Friday.
Don't feel like wearing a hat, so made myself a fancy headband to match my frothy, flowery frock...
 it is sooooo swoooshy!!!
 and to finish..
a sneak peek at the starting phase of my creation for 
with Annie Walls.
This years theme is "Insects" mwahahaha...
*I am counting Arachnids...cos we all do*
Will be back soon :D
Enjoy XXX


  1. The beach trip sounds good! The dog is adorable! Is it a border collie? I really want one!

    1. Yes she is a Border collie. We got her from RSPCA after her owner found she could no longer cope with her. She is nervous about being left alone bless, but loves going out in the car lol

  2. Cheery brilliance! I love your decor direction! Too looks gear to travel! I see the excitement in his shine you eyes!
    Oh my! I adore your facinator! Gorgeous frock! Now kick up those heels and twirl the the weekend away! xoDebi
    Ps.....I will visit all your Mad Monsters ........xo

    1. I will be wearing that frock often...tis soooo twirly...and matches my purple witchy hat :D

  3. The wallpaper is wonderful, and I commend you for standing and balancing on ladders. The headband is just lovely, I'm sure you got many compliments on it. Glad your seaside adventure was so nice and your other passenger had a great time.

  4. Your stairwell looks fun and delightful. I bet you smile every time you walk up and down the stairs!

    Love that you took a delicious trip. We, too, have been trying to reclaim some of our old pleasures... Let's see how it goes.

    I'm in love with the outfit you're wearing to the wedding. Will share pictures, yes?

    Nice spider... ♥

  5. Amazing photos and what a lovely idea for a trip. Very cute Houndo and such a wonderful creation for your lovely frock !!! You are so clever :-D

    IKE x

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