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Thursday, 15 October 2015

I Quoth the Raven!

What joy!!!! I was invited to be a Guest DT member for October over at Quoth the Raven challenge *swoon*
This month being so special to me....when visitations of past spirits are most welcome, and pumpkin pies are just crying out to be eaten...mwahahahaha.....

The challenge is to make something Poe-esque using this wondrous  colour palette...
 As a regular "Qouthee" I knew I needed something extra special, and decided to make a tunnel book.
So a quick visit to the local charity store and 70p later :D
 I won't bore you with the Gazillion pics I took, but will say I separated the panels, made quick sketches on each panel and cut them out with a knife...
 Next stage, paint all pieces with black gesso...
 and re-draw outlines with white posca paint pen.
 Now to add the colour using the challenge combi...
 It's hard to see in these pics but the wallpaper is green/orange/purple striped
 Can you make out a figure seated in the chair with his back to the window?
 A layer of acetate for the window glass, and we are peering into some one's bed chamber...
on a midnight dreary...with the glow from the fire struggling to cheer the inhabitant.
To decorate the outside I cut out a Raven from "Black Magic" cordination cardstock, and I dry embossed a few lines before sanding back to reveal the purple core.
 I used a Tattered Lace large ivy die to cut some foliage...
 which I also sanded back to revel the green core*I know rubbish photo*
 Now a Raven can be seen "rapping" at the window...

I actually stuck all the layers together to form a diorama rather than leaving it as an open book, as I found this just a little more magical...a moment in time, trapped forever mwahahahaha.... 


  1. Oh so Poeish! LOVE it for 'nevermore'. xoDonna

  2. That is fabulous! I love Poe.

  3. You are skilled with those tiny blades! Precision and Patience produced a magnificent layered tale! Bravo Mistro! xo