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Thursday, 8 October 2015

The Gardeners rest...

Another, smaller, canvas I was working on last week.

This was made on a reclaimed canvas.
When we first start playing on canvas we make lots and lots of things that we later pull faces at, but it is all part of the growing process.
I loved this totem piece when I was making it, but now it feels "flat" and "lifeless"
 I hadn't yet learned to "put myself" into my work.
So it was time to work over...
 I was in a "purple" mood...
 and I had just found these yummy serviettes at Netto(I know right! £1 a pack)
 so much texture for so little work...
 drippy inks...
 vibrant pinks...
 dots and swirls....
 and "hash tag" links....
 summoning the spirit of this canvas :D
 Who came bearing flowers.
 I don't normally add features to my bubble people,
but there was such an air of contentment/satisfaction about this particular figure.
Resting after a job well done :D
I guess that kind of expresses my mood at this time of year,
looking forward to the calmness of winter as the ground rests beneath us.
A time to dream and weave stories of blue skies and bright flowers.
Enjoy :D XXX


  1. I'm in love with this piece, Gina. Your figure expresses so much peace -- as you say it's autumn ... time to go within and do some inner work. Your figure expresses that in such a beautiful way. hugs, Donna

  2. Such an important statement, " putting yourself" in your work. Ther lies uniqueness and car he's the heart of all who really see. Calm, serenity and peace!
    Very moving piece, bravo! xoDebi

  3. I love this piece, great to see it come together :)

  4. I love the transformation, Gina. I liked the old painting, especially the bee, but you've replaced it when a piece that shines with life. Like I said before, love the expression... It looks like a satisfied sigh.

  5. The beautiful lines and simplicity of the face really suits your bubble person Gina and I love the way she evolved out of a previous artwork, it is so cool as a veiwer to see that, gives the work a dimension and I like that it lives on, just under another painted scene :)