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Wednesday, 19 June 2019

Variety is the Spice of LifeBook

Busy , busy, busy....
Days out with Hubby and days In with paint :D
The thing about doing an online art course like
is the variety of styles you encounter...

 Painterly, is a new term to me...
and I'm loving the splodginess of it :D
 Then there is collage (with watercolour painting)
 and finding your own "story" with
Tam's beautiful whimsical style.
 Even within the "whimsical" genre you 
get to learn differing techniques through the 
 uniqueness of each teacher!
Then there are those that teach us to  just
let loose...
 and let the paint do it's own thing!
Can't even describe how much I am enjoying this course.
Should have joined in years ago :D

Blessed Midsummer to all!
May your creative light shine ever on


  1. Gina - thank you for making so many lovely comments on my blog for the challenges I entered at CHN patterned - I can surely see you are enjoying your art class - lovely work - did you know you can enter art work in Word Art Wednesday Hosted by Karen L as it is anything goes [family friendly] challenge - it is 2 weeks long and 5 uploads each week. In case you are interested in joining the fun - she has some great sponsors as well! Some outside the USA too! Have a blessed day and keep up the art! I just got into mixed media lately when I watch Pete Hughes at the Sizzix Blog - it was a great video and learning adventure for me! Yeah! I am on Journal #3 with the cover from his technique.

    1. Oow thank you Gail. I will check out that challenge sight, and I am sure you will be a natural at mixed media XXX

  2. So jealous of the cool art you are making and the classes you are taking. I'm not ready for the challenge of something like Lifebook, but I think I will see what's available at Willowing Arts in the fall, once the boychild is back at college and the girlchild is back at school.

  3. I'm so glad you are having a blast (in the old in-out-in-out of) living and painting. The joy dances in the colors. These creations are just fantastic, I love them all (for different reasons)--the "way" and those glorious hairdos and expressions at the end are my very favorites.

  4. Wow Gina, these are amazing! Sorry, another post I have missed! I am so happy you are having fun with this course. I have never taken an online art course! I should! Big Hugs!