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Thursday, 28 July 2016

When getting messy isn't an option...

Try digital art!
That's what friends kept telling me, so I thought it was time to get stuck in :D
I have all the graphic programmes you could want, but had fits of technophobia everytime I tried to use them.
A couple of days ago my very talented friend June Mac of Dezinaworld
shared some amazing free images (all her images are free of charge), and I found she has been running a weekly Cheeky Challenge

 Now you know I'm not shy at jumping headlong and wellied up into a challenge, so being half a year behind, I thought it would be a great chance to work on my digi skills.
Rather than just join in from now, I am going to make a Cheeky Challenge art journal :D
I already have an out of date A5 desk diary to alter...
 and the full years challenge prompt courtesy of June,
so today I have made my first 2 pages which I am going to print off and stick in the diary.

 Week 01 Rags/poverty/homeless

Week 02 Wildflowers

I have used a mixture(cos that's what digi collage is about) of images from Dezinaworld, Daisy Trail(serif), Itkupili images and my own photos.
I'll try not to bombard you with my new project lol, but I'm sure some will find it refreshingly lighter than my other projects :D
Enjoy XXX


Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Party like it's 1816...

Well...that's the year Mary Shelley and friends were partying hard and creating the Gothic images we have grown to love...
meet Frankinella from the wonderful Ike's Art (who does regular freebies on her challenge blog)
The image printed out wonderfully as an A4 image
(yes I has a new printer squeee...)
 and then I started having fun colouring her with alcohol markers...
 mixing and matching skin tones...
 and creating a velvety look for her tattered gown.
 Her hair, a hint of a streak of party pink lol.
 Keeping the colour palette simple can prove very effective
and lets detail show through.
 Now to mount her....
 I had an old canvas board I wanted to reuse, whose painted background was just right.
I used a layer of black tissue to obscure the original centre piece. 
I don't bother trying to cut out the landlocked pieces...just use your markers to colour match to the background.
 Now to add a title.
Had to be "Mass Scar ade"(because I has a warped sense of the macabre)
 and the addition of a mask to finish.

I am entering her for this weeks LOC challenge...which is to be as LOC as you like lol
and she is my FOURTH piece for the July Challenge at Dream of Darkness

Enjoy :D XXX


Tuesday, 19 July 2016

A is for ....

Andy Skinner and Anita Be Stampin :D

Twinkle , twinkle, little Sprite
As you wander through the night.
Just keep looking straight ahead
and find your comfy flower bed.
Cos in the dark the nightmares hide
and wait for you to turn aside.
So keep your journey straight and true
Lest the creepy skulls try eating you!

it isn't always necessary to use the skull as a focal point. I like to use them in the background...
 Just a bit of ink and pen through Andy Skinner's "Skullduggery" stencil
 gives a great background
 for a lost little faerie I won (in 2011!!!) from Anita be stampin
 Adding a title can add depth to the whole piece :D

Enjoy :D XXX

Friday, 15 July 2016

Some days....

Yesterday started off as one of the happiest I'd had in forever...
I am a happy optimistic realist who lives each day at a time ...
but one of my sons has a much more complex personality and I have fought for years against experts who think they can see him for half an hour and "know what's best" for him.
We were in a very positive place.. he had competed his first year at college and was looking forward to September was looking quite promising.
Then I got a call from someone who it seems had not fully understood the situation and my world slammed face first into that same concrete wall I had been chipping away at all his life.
To say I "lost it" would be a gross understatement...
I pride myself on being reasonable and calm...
for the first time in my life I screamed ...shouted abuse and hurled insults down the phone at a person who may or may not have deserved it (he said he'd been asked to call me), but he got the message so wrong.
I was outside in my front garden, next door to a nursery/primary school, and I didn't care, I was so angry and could only feel the pain I was going to have to cause my own child.
As it happens no one has come round to complain so I can only assume that in between the abuse it was obvious I was defending a child.
So...after a day of emailing back and forth...the BOSS got involved. He had been copied into the email conversation. He interrupted the flow telling his staff that this wasn't going well and that someone should be speaking to me directly and reassuring me that my son WOULD be offered a place on the course as we had been expecting, and asking them to get me to call him personally(he put his number in the email)
I called immediately...He was calm and wonderful and said from what he was reading he wasn't surprised I was so student should  get a call like that...and that the person who called me hadn't any authority to speak for his department!!!
So I had a day go from bliss to despair in a single moment caused by one careless expert.

I don't usually post stuff like this, but it may help you understand my entry for this weeks prompt from A Dash of Sunny "Hate's a Parasite that rots your soul"

One of those days...

On those days when the Experts decide "what is best"
Then depart to leave a great hole in my chest.
Hate's the FUEL that helps me not to back down,
*though my smile has now been replaced by a frown*
It may stop me from being all "sparkle" and "fun",
But it WILL help me protect a more vulnerable one.
So, no sympathy noises , don't try to placate
Lest my justified anger expands into HATE.

Some feel HATE is a parasite that eats at your soul,
But for me it's the thing that is keeping me whole.

and just to lighten this post a little...imagine the other persons face...
"Hello Mrs Zac won't be offered a place on level 3 next year I wondered if you could bring him down in the morning to audition for a music course he might be interested in?"
*my brain trying to deal with sudden input of unexpected info*
"Have you any idea how much effort it takes me to get him out of the house on such short notice?"
"Yes it is a bit short notice*little laugh trying to be sociable*, but I finish for the summer tomorrow and....."
"I'M NOT FUCKING LAUGHING!!!!!" and boom!

Wishing every one a life with only as much hate as they need to survive XXX