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Saturday, 28 May 2016

Are we the monsters other people see?

the continuing story of the Moon Daisies....

(...Abigail was curled up in a large wing-backed chair, with Stewie...)

Moon Daisies pt 6... UNEASY ALLIANCE.

As Mavis approached the library door she decided a calmer, less gallopy, arrival was more advisable.
Best not frighten the squirrel thingy any more than she already had. Abigail had seemed quite cross with her, and she hated making Abigail cross. They had been friends for as long as she could remember, being green and grumpy wasn't going to break that bond easily.

Inside the library Abigail was curled up in a large wing-backed chair, with Stewie snuggled on her lap.
Mavis envied the peaceful scene. She longed to snuggle up with them, but her mind was pulling her in an all together different direction.
At least the urge to chew on the squirrel had passed, and Mavis' mood was improving by the minute.
She just couldn't shake the feeling of imminent danger.
Mavis tip-toed away from the sleeping pair, taking a quick sniff of Abigail's hair as she passed. 
Abigail always smelled so sweet, like violets after a summer shower, and this was the thought that was keeping Mavis on track. Those Daisies she had eaten hadn't smelled nice at all. If she hadn't been so angry with them for attacking Abigail she probably wouldn't have even nibbled at them.
Even thinking of them made Mavis grind her teeth noisily.
Stewie whimpered in his slumber. Mavis made a mental note not to grind her teeth near the squirrel again.
Peering through the dirt smeared window Mavis tried to hear what the "whispers" were talking about.

"isss it her?.....iss it the beassst?"
" sssaw a sssquirrel...that nuisssanssse Ssstewie!"
"...sss...sss...sss..." snickered the invisible foe.

"Well at least they aren't after Abigail" thought Mavis with premature relief.

"...and then there'sss that girl...the one we nearly got before..."

Mavis' head snapped upright, ears and eyes straining into the darkness.
"DAMN!" Mavis said to herself, "I thought I'd gotten rid of them all...stupid perennial weeds!"

It would seem that the slithering sound she had heard earlier was the root system of those wretched Moon Daisies...sneaking around, looking for new victims.

Mavis realised she would now have to wake Abigail. She couldn't trust herself to act alone, and that squirrel thing "Stewie" would be no use at all in his current state of repair.
Moving slowly, so as not to startle them, Mavis sat on the floor next to the wing-backed chair, leant towards Abigail's face and licked her.

Stewie shot like a furry orange cannonball straight at Mavis' head.
Abigail jumped from the chair, twisting from side-to-side, wondering what on earth was happening now.
"BAaaaaaaaa...aaaa...." cried Mavis "WAIT! WAIT!...I just needed to wake you!"

"Pull the other one you fleeced were trying to EAT her!"

"NEVER!!" howled Mavis "I love Abigail. I would never harm a hair on her head!"

"It's the flesh on her bones that I'm worried about" snapped back Stewie.

"STOP IT! BOTH OF YOU!" Bellowed Abigail, with more authority than she thought she could.
"I hate it when friends fight...especially when we have more troubling things to worry about. Stewie...Mavis would never hurt me...just look at her, she is obviously feeling much better now."

It was true, Mavis was much more in control of herself than when they first met. And Stewie had to concede that the butterfly wings weren't normal for a Vampire of any kind.

"And Mavis....I think you still owe Stewie an apology for your earlier performance."
Abigail looked quite fierce herself, arms folded across her chest, feet planted firmly to emphasise her annoyance with the bickering pair.

"Absolutely" replied Mavis, "I absolutely apologise for attacking you earlier Stewie, but I would like to point out that your injuries may not have been as bad as you would have us believe...what with the speed and agility you just displayed, leaping to Abigail's defence."

Abigail looked at Stewie, who was quietly re-rolling the bandages he had been wearing so recently.

" that case...I accept your apology...and offer one of my own...for hitting you in the face."

Stewie jumped back up on to the wing-backed chair.
"So tell us...what was so urgent that you had to wake us?"

"The Moon Daisies..." said Mavis in hushed tones,
"They're Back!

Enjoy :D XXX


Friday, 27 May 2016

A splash of inspiration.

I wrote a couple of poems way back in 2004 ish while sitting watching rain speckle my window...wanting to be outside gardening lol
I'm sure I must have shared them before, but they fit the prompt so beautifully.

Cheer up it's raining!

Sparkling gems that please my eyes are on my window pane.
While others grumble, gripe and growl, I gladly welcome rain.
That delicate, gentle, caring kiss as first drops gently fall,
On lonely, parched and burnt Summer soil,
Ignored or forgotten by all.
Their soothing cool caress is felt by every curling leaf,
And stems and branches straighten now, thankful of relief.
The powder puffs of dust that rise to great each falling jewel,
Dance with joy and join with them to make mud, deep and cool.
While people scurry, hiding now as rain falls hard and fast,
The Flowers glow...
The Grass will grow..
And the Trees can smile at last.

(me paddling in my garden after a particularly wet spell of weather)

Winter Rain.

It just isn't the same,
Winter Rain.

In Spring the Rain is a joy to behold,
Washing away the mud and the cold.

In Summer the Rain refreshes the dry,
And leaves Rainbows glittering in the sky.

In Autumn the Rain helps fruit to swell,
And replenishes many a forgotten well.

In Winter, however, the grey murky Rain,
Doesn't bring joy...

It just isn't the same.

Our relationships with rain are very complex...well mine is anyway lol

Enjoy :D XXX

Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Just a little Starstruck.

This weeks challenge at LOC is "Stars".
Yesterday I entered my painted witch, but felt a bit guilty as she only had one star...on her wand..
today I made Fae a new beach party t-shirt dress, using the little t-shirt I received as a prize last week from Dream in Darkness :D
 The first thing was to choose appropriate stamps...
 I have had this one for years and it was in a box of "loads" I bought from QVC when I first started papercrafting...
 The star is from an Anna Griffin christmas set, while the Witchy/wizard is a Graphics 45 stamp.
 Now to add a little colour.
I just used markers to do this(remembered to put paper inside t-shirt first)
 The bright dark colours knocked the stamped images back a bit so I carefully went over them with a dark grey to make them stand out again.
 I think Fae looks pretty pleased with her new outfit...
 and suits the up-coming Solstice perfectly :D

Enjoy :D XXX

Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Some days I make myself smile :D

Some days you just want to play...
and those are the days that "fun pressies" come into their own.
You know the ones...we call them "stocking fillers" or
"saw this and thought of you" gifts.
Well last Christmas my youngest saw this and thought of me lol
It is a "paint your own" money box kit...
 It came with a selection of acrylic paints and a bit of a duff brush...
 but I have loads of brushes lol so not an issue.
The idea was to paint the witch character as depicted on the box as she is from a children's book...
but I haven't read it so I just painted her how I wanted :D
 No surprise she came out green lol...
 and her clothes purple and black...
and all witches need a touch of sparkle...
 so she is liberally coated in various shades of stickles :D
 She makes me smile :D

Left of Center Creative challenge this week is "Stars", but I think she is LOC enough to get away with just the one :D
Enjoy XXX