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Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Blue jean girl...

 Use "bumped stencil" technique and add your own face...
This month I had chosen to use the Bruce Springsteen page of my calendar...and promptly forgot to take a photo of the original...
He was wearing a bandanna, which is a habit I share(as well as the curly hair) AND
I also have a denim waistcoat lol so it was easy which bits of the original page to leave visible.
 I found an old photo from my youth and did a quick likeness in place of the Boss, as well as adding a few curves to his waistline lol.
 Now to try out the "bumped" stencilling technique.
This is where you stencil in a dark colour...
 move the stencil over slightly, then cover with a lighter colour.
I used a set of stencils by Artistcellar from Tam's Whimsy series.
 This technique gives a wonderfully simple 3D effect to your page...
 A quick bit of defining with a black posca pen...
and Bobs your Auntie :D
The Poe quote reads...
"...And the maiden she lived with no other thought
than to love and be loved by me."
(from Annabel Lee)

Enjoy :D XXX


Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Sure I have forgotten something...

....don't you just hate when you mean to do something then forget what it was!?
So I will share instead this tag I made for 

and this pie of puffs makes...
 RED JIG.....
the "something red and wicked"
Magaly asked for last week :D
He dances like a daemon lol
Will be back when I remember what I was going to do.
Enjoy :D XXX

Friday, 19 June 2015

Don't worry....

My blog may look weird for a few days as I am playing with the background and header :D
Images used will include Daisy Trail Digikits as well as digikits from Mischief Circus and Dezinaworld( poss my own art )