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Thursday, 24 April 2014

A lesson in patience......naaaaaaaah!

Just after my birthday I was gushing about getting a cute little summerhouse/cabin for my may have wondered why I haven't shown it yet.
This is the pic I took at the time...all excited and "squeeeeeey"....

 And this is what mine looked like after we put it together...
 While we were building it(during a major storm)...hubby kept asking if all the bits had arrived.
Well yes they had. So after several weeks of emails and waiting for phone calls, the mystery was solved. The sales staff had typed in the wrong code(newly opened store), but they did sell the cabin and would happily swap for no extra cost(the one I wanted was £50 dearer)
BUT...I am impatient...and had built and butchered the original to make it into the single door building I wanted. "Oh...." said the nice man at the store..."what can we do to make you feel better about all this?"
They gave me some money back AND a plastic tool shed for the bottom of the garden....£110 in total.
 Now my little shed is becoming quite cosy....
 with 2 new comfy chairs and a small table...
 Hubby has started adding shelves and hanging lanterns...
AND the view is gorgeous!
Hubby sits out there to clear his head and plan his day...I just sit and smile :D
I may like the look of the "cabin" better, but the bigger windows give a much better view.
What is meant to be will be :D
Enjoy XXX

Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Major league "catch-up"

So...the best way to do this is lots of pics and short sentences right?
It is Easter break here so family all home through the day wanting attention Blah!(my arting time)
The sun came out for a few days and the garden went "HELLO!!!!"
 Honesty (one of my fave wildflowers)
 Cherry blosson(edible variety)
 Our Camellia flowered!!! (usually the buds rot with the wet) 
and my Ceanothus is in full bloom outside my front door (normally I cut it back as my tall folks complain, but this year I thought "bog off" I wants my cascade!!!)
Even less time to myself as my lovely quiet Meg has lost a lot of strength in her back legs. For a week she just lay down (still can't get up unaided) I was breaking my back holding her while she went out to the toilet and got a bit of fresh air...til I had the idea of making this "doggy bag". Much easier to help her now, and she is much more confident, even trying to run bless her :D

Now to "ART"
Some of my creations a la Soul Food classes....

Class 29 Street art with Pascale Hutt....
Class 30 decoupage/mixed media and modelling paste to decorate a wooden box with Shonna Bucaroff
Class 32  "not so pretty"with MitsiB
and class 33 "After a spring shower" mixed media/glass bead gel with Chris Cozen. latest and funkiest faerie "FAY"

So I am still around....oooow....and a friend had a great idea to get started in art journalling, and asked me to join her as an incentive (she knows I is an art addict). She found some kids doodle books in a bargain bin...usually £10 down to £3, bought us 1 each, and we are randomly selecting pages to work in. It is surprising how inspiring the simple instructions can be(especially if you have a warped sense of the world like I are my first 2 pages lol
 This is an A4 book with LOADS of pages and room to doodle and journal :D
She is going to freak when she sees what I've done :D
I may be a bit hit and miss at the moment, but I am still around.
Love you all....
Enjoy :D XXX


Friday, 4 April 2014

"Spring is sprung..the Grass is ris...I wonder where the birdies is?"

Today I am sharing some of the "Birdie" art I have been making for Soul Food...and they are all on pieces of wood...I like working on comes already textured lol
 Lesson 22 with Jennifer DeDonato
 I love how the wood grain shows through the paper layers...
the mottoes read
"The First Morning"...."The Time of Waiting"..."The Country Bird Comes to Town",
all chapter headings torn from an old paperback book :D
 Next up is Lesson 25 with Heather Santos.
This one incorporates the lyrics to an old folk song I love
"It's a bright sun a-shining, and the Lark is on the wing..."
 While I added my own words to this cutie Hootie for Lesson 26 with Melanie Underwood...
"When I am in my garden...I don't give two hoots!"
 Actually just realised he is on canvas lol
 Am getting to quite enjoy "whimsical" art, not something I do very often.
 And my latest gift has arrived at his new home...
This is Lenny, a Sea Sprite/beach comber dude that has gone to live with my friend Jeanette
Making surprise pressies really stifles your blogging lol, terrified of forgetting and sharing too soon.
Hope your all enjoying your chosen talent this Spring...yes it is Spring...I have 3 ponds full of frog spawn and tadpoles already :D
Enjoy :D XXX

Friday, 28 March 2014

She's such a doll!!

Last week I gave away a wickedy witch doll of OZ
..and this week "Morag" arrived in her new home in AUS lol
I am really enjoying making dolls at the moment.
 2 of the Soul Food classes involved doll making in differing techniques.
Lesson 19 with Mystele Kirkeeng involved making a folk art doll from clay...
 I added a motto on her back,,,and a fellow student loved her so much she flew to Arizona to make her happy :D
 Lesson 21 with Susana Tavares was making a painted cloth doll, including painting the fabric design for her dress....
 and though lesson 24 with Aimee Wheaton wasn't technically a doll, it involved layers of fabric and fibres, and a beautiful face :D 
(yes Stef...loads of glitter on her dress)

For the sake of balance I better share some masculine items next time :D
Enjoy ::D XXX

Monday, 24 March 2014

The Choosing hat has spoken!

Well what else could I use to draw the name of the lucky winner of a witch from lol
 ...and the winner of my Hues of Oz Give away is....

 (and just so you know...I put a bowl inside the hat to make sure none of the 22 names got lost in the folds)
 So Congratulations soon as I get your details I will post her to you  :D

Thank you for all the lovely comments, and playing along :D
Enjoy :D XXX

Friday, 21 March 2014

Forget- Me- Not.....Aaaahahahahahaha.......

Time to join Oma Linda as she celebrates 75 years of "The Wizard of Oz".
I have really enjoyed making my celebration piece this year, so may I present 
Elphaba...aka The Wicked Witch of the West, a very green Goddess lol
I think I may have been a bard in a past life lol, as I can not pass up the opportunity to add a little ditty to go with this give in memory of the Wickedest Witch of them all I give you....

Forget me? NOT!

My sister's treasures, red and sweet
Sit now upon YOUR stinky feet!
I cackled gladly as you'd fail,
With "Bag of Straw", "Fur Rug" and "Pail".

My Minions screeching as you fled
With nightmares swirling in your head.
I hated you with passions deep.
Stood over you while you did sleep.

You screamed fake sorrow at my cries,
As I melted right before your eyes.
Forget me not my "Pretty" one....
I may be dead.....but never gone!

I followed the basic  body pattern in Fiona McDonald's "Knitted Fairies" book and winged it :D
(I just LOVE creators who encourage imagination in others!)

 and tried to recreate her original costume from THE film :D
She is 15 inches in length (not including hat)
And I am giving her away!!!!
To be in with a chance to win this one of a kind, hand knitted creation (lol...sounds soooo professional)
all you need to do is leave "I'll get you my pretty!" in the comments section.

(I should also say she would not be suitable for very small children as she has a dowel spine, felt features and stringy bits)

Hope you will have time to pop over and cheer Oma on ...and maybe even join in with your favourite colour from the Land of Oz...mine is Green...did you guess lol
And being an impatient mare...I will draw a name and announce the winner on the evening of Monday 24th.

Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Meanwhile...back in class...

Lesson 17 for Soul Food was by Ayala Arts and included a texturing technique using gel medium and cling wrap.
Had to have another re-purposed a small canvas to produce this vintage look portrait :D

Am finding some of my older canvases a tad in "lacking texture"
 So instead of hoarding, I am re using them to create background base layers for other works...

 The dark background adds depth automatically to anything you paint over it...

 and a thin layer of colour will blend it nicely.

A few highlights before the glaze goes on...

 Gloss gel + clingwrap =...

more depth of colour...

and an old cracked glass effect.

an added bonus was that the cling wrap pulled a few flakes of paint off, revealing the dark base layer, which added even more to the "ageing" of the image.
A real fun technique...thank you Ayala :D
Enjoy XXX