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Saturday, 30 April 2016

Sharing The Energy of Life

Today is the final prompt for Magaly's
"Dark Poetry for the cruellest month"

There are several options for this challenge, one of which is to use the daily prompt from 

Unholy Union

At the brightest part of the day,
Couples gather, old and young,
To weave wishes of love and longevity into the world.

Music and giggles paint the air
With colourful ribbons,
Entwining hearts as feet caress the earth.

But it is in the darkness I dance.
Drawn to your pole by it's sensual cry.
My hands tremble as I reach for your silken length.

Muscles twitching,
 As the beat that is life quickens in my heart
The swaying of my hips, though involuntary, is more than welcomed
And I dip and rise to meet you in glorious explosions of pleasure.

My hunger sated, 
I lay still in the moonlight,
Feeling your issue flutter in the night breeze.

I dance in the dark.
Touched by your silken length.
Absorbing the energy of life.

Enjoy a Blessed Beltane XXX


Friday, 29 April 2016

Not the healthiest diet...

 Nope...I need to loose some weight, but am rubbish at dieting *gained half a stone on the cornflake diet*
and sitting knitting for long periods doesn't help lol

I am knitting myself a big wafty cardigan type affair
(close up of bottom section)

 But occasionally I take a break to get messy.
I haven't done any stamping for ages so had a lovely little play to make this 
"Healthy eating" poster lol

Which I would like to use as a last minute entry for
Enjoy :D *but remember.... small portions*

Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Love after Death?

Today's prompt for Magaly's Dark Poems for the Cruellest Month
in honour of our friend Rommy's Birthday :D
Now I am not very knowledgeable on Japanese folklore, but a couple of years ago I did join an art challenge that involved a piece on ancient Goddesses... 

Life After Death

From brightest beginnings to darkest pain,
A journey begun by Fires hottest flame.
Devoted husband, broken hearted,
Strives to retrieve his dearly departed.
But impatience is his fiercest foe,
And in fear he lets his loved one go.
With sweat on brow and strength of shoulder
He blocks her exit with a boulder.
Ignoring cries of deep despair,
He hears her curse upon the air
To unleash Death on a thousand souls,
While he creates more to fill the holes.
And thus the Cycle of Life began...
Not for Gods, but for Mortal Man.

Perfect Couple, torn asunder,
Leads to husband's fatal blunder.

Enjoy :D XXX


Monday, 25 April 2016

What about the Cow?

Today's prompt for Magaly's Dark Poetry for the Cruellest Month..

Write a poem based on one of the following stories
"Little Mermaid"
"Jack and the Beanstalk"
"Little Red Riding Hood"

"Where Are They Now?"

So today on "Where Are They Now?"
We seek the owner of a cow.
A much loved pet and family friend
That met a far from pleasant end.

What kind of monster gave away
That gentle soul who lived to play?
And for what...a Magic Bean!
Do I alone find this obscene?

Well here he is folks...Happy Jack!
*nice leather coat and a gold filled sack*
Time for a chat Sir?...Folks want to know...
What did Daisy do to be treated so?

Was it the smell...was her breath so bad?
Was she just too uncool for Jack the Lad?
Is that why you had to cut her loose...
And replace her with that garish Goose?

Now don't pretend to be all shy.
We don't believe the tears you now cry.
Not so cocky...nothing to say?
Well get ready, 'cos here come the RSPCA!

Can you imagine the Jeremy Kyle show episodes in Pantoland????
Enjoy :D XXX