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Friday, 23 January 2015

Busy busy busy...

Decided last week I HAD to finish my 2014 PIF list before the end of January.
I still had 3 of the original 5 to do(because I is easily distracted by others and these 3 were polite and patient)
So here is pretty Petal the purple Pixie...
 (her pendant is a hand painted abstract flower meadow)
 She will be going to live with a friend in the UK.
Next I wanted to make something with the "felted panel" I made earlier this year(cripes is it still January???)
So the gift I am sending to North Carolina is a bag..made from scratch! made up as I went along...even though I have books telling me how to do it properly* I'm sure the lady recieving it will forgive the odd wonky stitch, still getting used to using my machine :D

(Haven't decided what the final recipient will be receiving yet)
So while I'm "thinking" I need a distraction

It is free to join and easy to follow 1 item and 1 inspirational quote per page (so far lol)
The hardest part so far was choosing a journal to work in!!

I settled on this one. Board cover already pretty cool, and it was attached by a ribbon so I could remove it before starting to get messy..(Is missing my messy!!!)
I am writing the quotes and prompts on the inside cover too
 I am not going to bombard you with "step by step" images as I'll be doing a page a week as well as other stuffs, and you can ask if you want to know how :D I will just post the finished page and the original quote(which I am not using on my pages, just being inspired by)

 Page 01 "Be your own Goal Keeper"
 Page 02 "The beginning is always today.." Mary Shelley
Page 03 "I found I could say things with colour and shapes that I couldn't say any other way" Georgia O'Keeffe
There was another prompt with each page , but you should pop over to the original blog to check that out
*Now...what to make for someone who already makes everything* .....ooow...I know :D
Enjoy :D XXX

Wednesday, 14 January 2015

...and this week I have been mostly sewing....

I LOVE fabric. I used to make my own curtains and bedcovers just so I could hold pretty cotton samples all day....
Haven't made any for years as it is extremely time consuming hand sewing double duvet+ size patchwork (even in 8 inch squares lol), but I have been intrigued by "Jelly Rolls"...
Kept reading this label as "Friends of Tolkein"...and the colours on the label were so similar to the first quit I ever made that I bought it( Craft Den)...
 even though from above it didn't look so yummy.
 But when I stared unwrapping the strips I coudn't believe how many there were...
 and the selection of patterns and colours hidden within was amazing!!!
 Jumped straight in (as usual) and had a centre squarish in minutes...
I was being cocky and hadn't pinned any of the pieces so it is a bit wonky(but I loves wonky).
 That was Monday...this morning it was this big...
 Pretty random, but all the fabrics work together deliciously.
Now it was bigger than the length of the strips, so I cut some of the strips into 2 and a half inch squares and made them into longer strips...
and used these strips of squares to border the whole piece.
 Now I have a panel 54(ish) inches x 49(ish)inches...
 I now need to buy some wadding and backing fabric as I am making it into a quilted throw for my bed.
 (another yummy close up)
 and a small but stunning pile of off-cuts :D
I was going to use this awesome "woodland" fabric to cut long strips to border the panel, but I don't think I can cut it lol
Hmmmmm....I bought a second jelly roll....maybe I should use the woodland fabric as a centre panel and patch round it????
Enjoy :D XXX