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Thursday, 30 October 2014

POEtry in motion....

EDIT: Ok ...there will be a giveaway for this paty....
I is making a quick "POE-ppet" :D

Just looking at this poster, how could I resists joining Annie Walls blog party....bored my childlings rereading "The Raven" by Edgar Allan Poe repeatedly at them lol

While blog surfing one day I saw a list of "group names", you know the thing...
A pride of lions etc
Who gave these names I know not, but "an unkindness of Ravens" caught my curiosity...
Why an "Unkindness"?

Put on my "thinking hat", but nothing was flowing....
Maybe it was the wrong hat for this job?
Much better!
Now I was seeing things from the Raven's perspective...mwahahaha...

Unkindness of Ravens
(homage to Edgar Allan Poe's Raven)

By the light of fire and candle, reaching, trembling, for the handle,
Bidding enter unknown Vandal, opened you the chamber door.
With scarce a care for self or Master, heart beat racing, pacing faster
Opened you this chamber door.
In your hour of dark disaster, came I winging ever faster, til I perched upon the plaster, just above your chamber door.
Watching, guarding on the plaster, just above your chamber door.

I heard your voice with subtle quiver, calling out for sweet Lenore.
Felt the tingling, icy shiver, tapped on window to deliver warnings of the "open door"
Quickly tapping, thus unwrapping your desire for "open door".
Yet now with chiding, words deriding, thankless for my guiding hand.
You, ranting madly, laughing gladly, by the open window stand.
Pointing sadly, laughing madly,
by the open window stand.

"A message from my sweet Lenore!", to Angels high you did implore.
So sent they ME to speak with you from perch above your hated door.
Prattling, screaming, dimly dreaming of open door for your sweet Lenore.
But as I in my silence wait, I feel my "kindness" dissipate, while witnessing your witless state, in sadness evermore.
In ire I damn you, spite confound you....
Speak my message?

Samhain Blessings to all...
Sweet dreams...
MWAHAHahahahahaa...... :D