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Friday, 18 July 2014

I has a big heart....

I love folksy artsy home decor, so I bought one of those paper flower wreath kits...
but you know I couldn't just MAKE it lol
I made a BIG one
(original size in middle )

I used some dies, a pile of scraps and my Grand Caliber to cut out a few bigger flowers to layer up
and a hot glue gun I got for a couple of pounds from a discount shop to stick them to the base...

Looks well lush :D

I may just make up the small one and dangle it from the bottom :D

Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Well Cocky!!

I was a bit sad about not being able to help Charlie and Lucy(the two oldies I wanted to adopt), but the universe had other plans....
Meet Roo :D
She is an old lady of 12, but someone forgot to tell her and she thinks she is about 5 lol. A huge fluffy bundle of energy who is really helping me get out more. A little unsure about giving affection, but a fast learner so we are getting along fine.
Now back to some art...
I thought I was going to be at a loose end when Soul Food classes finished, but I have this large/thin pallet I wanted to paint on.
 I decide it would be the perfect project to try out all the new techniques I have learnt. I gave it a quick coat of black gesso...
 followed by many different layers of numminess...
 before picking out this cheeky chicken for my kitchen wall....
but I didn't like it!
Well that's what white gesso is for right?
 And then this cocky chap showed up :D
 Still many layers to go, but feeling much happier with him :D
(but not as pleased as he is with himself lol)

As to who Harriet will be going to live with, Hortense chose...
Thank you everyone for your lovely comments about my dolls <3 p="">
Enjoy XXX


Saturday, 12 July 2014

The Ballad of Hortense Hare

Hortense has chosen, and Harriet will be going to live with Witchy J (who is now in contact with Captain Horatio to arrange passage)
Thank you all for your lovely comments :D

Welcome to my offering for this years Mad Tea Party.
As promised I bring you news of Hortense, Horatio and Harriet.
To begin I will share one of Horatio's favourite little ditties, to be heard, sung with gusto and glee amongst the sailors of the Red Queens fleet...

The Ballad of Hortense Hare

Hortense Hare has a most arresting stare,
some people say as it's quite haughty.
But for those who would dare, to challenge her glare,
They find her deliciously naughty!

With a glance that would kill (if she e'er had the will)
She holds her nose ever aloft.
Though some will attest, that when she gives her best
Her nose is most downy and soft!

With the flick of an ear she inspires most to fear.
While the glint in her eye may spark danger.
But you may see her blush, and her face all a flush,
At a glimpse of some pretty new stranger!

For Hortense you see, was born wild and free,
For no man to tame or to tether.
So though Lady she's now
With the lift of a brow,
She'll be found running wild in the heather!

Now Hortense's stare is beyond compare
And could hypnotize all in a flash.
And on hot summer days when folk meet up to graze,
It can lead her to being quite brash!

(usually ending with a loud chorus of cheers as Captain Horatio enters the room)

Now Hortense Hare is a very strong willed Lady. Let's face it, you have to be if your going to survive in the employ of Her Majesty the Queen of Hearts.
She is the lead seamstress to Her Maj, which means that she spends many hours in close company with her, gossiping about other courtiers and swapping personal successes.
One of Hortense's favourite pastimes is winding-up Her Majesty. As you are already aware, Hortense has many suitors, one of whom is an extremely officious gentleman, with a penchant for white cotton gloves and pocket watches. He is also one of the Queen's favoured Croquet partners. Hortense  will regularly entice him away, just to make him late for a match.

Her second favourite "wind-up" is to tease the Queen about her rose garden.
"Red to white...white to red...why don't you just settle for Pink?" she will jibe.
Hortense has a lovely garden filled with pink roses, all lovingly delivered by her only "True love" Captain Horatio Hornbeam.

Horatio is an avid explorer, searching the world over for the reddest of red roses, or the snowiest of white roses,(depending on what mood the Queen is in as he sets out). But the most fragrant pink blooms he brings home to Hortense.

He is fully aware of Hortense's "partying"in is absence, but as he says "She is a Fine, Energetic woman, who would expect any less of her?", and the second his ship is spotted on the horizon, Hortense's door is closed to all but him.
The third member of our happy little trio is Harriet.

 She is Hortense's daughter(but clearly NOT by Horatio). Hortense was originally quite concerned as to how the gallant Captain would react to the news of Harriet's arrival, but true love heals all. Horatio merely pointed out that, had he been home more often, Harriet would be one of many children running around their home. He had kissed the little furbub and smiled, naming himself her Protector, and had raised her as his own. (it is easy to see why Hortense adores him so)
When the Queen asked Hortense about her "arrangements" she was quite candid.
"When one takes up with a Sea Captain, one can never be sure he will ever return. So a smart woman plans for all probabilities!"
This time when Horatio landed, he was greeted with a new rumour about Hortense. Usually he puffed up with pride at her outrageous antics, but this time he was worried.
You see, Harriet's parentage had always been a matter of interest to most everyone at Court, especially the Queen. This was the one secret Hortense had refused to share even with her. But as Harriet was reaching maturity, little give aways were becoming plainly obvious. Her complexion was VERY pale, and she had a much smaller, softer muzzle than her mother's......she had taken to wearing white cotton gloves(no matter what the colour of her gown), but most notably, she was a fanatic about never being late!

The Queen was starting to put 2 and 2 together, and getting Harriet! Her Majesty was rumoured to be VERY angry that a certain Croquet  partner may have been deliberately late in order to embarrass her, and Horatio was extremely concerned about her new habit of "head removal".
The kind hearted Captain has decided it would be best if Harriet went away to live with friends. Hortense was quite upset at first, but the Captain presented them with matching pendants as a remembrance of each other. He was also concerned that Hortense's other suitors may start getting ideas about Harriet having similar "habits" to her mother, so Hortense has agreed that Harriet should adventure elsewhere, on condition that she gets to choose the destination.
Hortense is inviting anyone who thinks they would be a suitable companion to leave a message in the comments section of this post. After careful consideration she will make a public announcement, and Captain Horatio will arrange safe passage for his beloved bunny.
In the meantime, they are off to enjoy a fabulous day together at the Mad Tea Party. (Hortense is under strict instructions NOT to annoy the Queen....until Harriet is safely away). Once Harriet is safely ensconced in her new home, Horatio has promised he will retire and keep Hortense company from now on (hopefully with her head intact!).

Enjoy :D XXX 


Saturday, 5 July 2014

Birthday gift and showing off...

A few days ago the lovely Holly of Holly's Horrorland asked if I would like to be featured on her blog as part of her "Dolls Month" project...
So HERE I is :D
Whilst chatting with Holly she mentioned it will be her birthday on the day of the Mad Tea Party...sooooo....
I just had to make her a present right?
Meet Bat Girly

 Holly loves anything Halloweeny..and Lime green
 and cute but creepy...
 and bats....
 *I love her bat ears and wrinkled nose*
For a  Goth chick like her a high collared cape is a "must".
 While her hair is as wild as the wind itself.
I hope Holly gets as much pleasure from her company as I have :D XXX


Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Was never much good at procrastination...

Quick personal post...
So you all know I had to let my lovely Meg go a couple of months back...
and I said I wasn't ever going to have another dog...
Well I sort of felt like I should be paying it back to the canine community for all the happy moments I've had in my life with my doggy friends.
I decided we should offer assistance to old dogs that through no fault of theirs no longer have a permanent home.
I couldn't help thinking how awful it must be for a dog that has been a family pet for years to not have that security any more.
FB friends lead me to a site called the"Oldies Club"
I am in the midst of registering with them to see if I can offer a suitable home for ageing or infirm dogs.
If your thinking of getting a dog. Please consider a rescue or fostered animal before taking on a new puppy. They still have much love to give.

Enjoy :D XXX  

Saturday, 28 June 2014


*tearing out less hair now* burgled last weekend. They nicked my laptop so I was not a happy bunny :(. Has new one now, but got locked out of blogger lol. Apparently I changed my email on there(here) at some was hubby trying to use my puter to access is email the email addy link got changed pfft. Finally got back in though...I is a persistent little blighter :D

Wanting to wish Magaly and her Piano man the happiest of celebrations tomorrow when the finally *tie the knot*

Will catch up on here soon <3 p="">:D XXX

Sunday, 15 June 2014

Catching up with class...

Haven't shared (or done) much of my class work while I've been doll making. Didn't seem like a good idea to get all painty lol
So this weekend I have decided to get stuck in, and have combined 2 classes for this project(as yet unfinished)
 One of the classes involved creating a hanging lantern from corrugated card, but I had this old lamp shade waiting for a revamp...
 Lesson 43 with Heather Santos was about making your own I made these from make-up sponges and cardboard...
 and used them to decorate the lamp shade.(yes I used shiny gold and silver paint)
 For lesson 45 with Mystele I needed a piece of quilted fabric. I didn't have any, but I do have a felting machine and a bag of scraps from my doll making....
 I made my own fabric and randomly over-stitched to add texture.
The point of the class was to make a fabric figure to "fly" around the night sky...I still have to poke holes and add dangly bits. Should be quite cool when finished :D
Enjoy :D XXX