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Saturday, 25 March 2017

New story.

After showing friends the "re-vamped" canvas
 they asked for a story to go with it...
So take a seat and we shall begin...


As I tidied the bedroom, my attention was drawn to a soft fluttering around my ankles.
Looking down, I caught a glimpse of golden fur. The small speckled cat darted from
beneath the bed and danced around my feet.
Strange, I thought. "Where did you come from Missy?"
I don't "do" cats. 
"Best you go home now" and I stooped to catch the happy little creature by her scruff.
"Now , now...hissing is not polite. You belong outside!" I said as I carried the wriggling mass out through the kitchen door.
The moment I released my grip she bounced playfully around the lawn.
Suddenly a much heavier, fluffier feline shot into view, and the pair bolted for the far end of the garden.
Strange, I thought again, A Wild cat and a Lynx , both on the same day?
I followed the pair to the bottom of the garden, but lost sight of them as they scrambled through the hedge.

Entering the outbuilding to my right, I could hear Hubby.
"um...are both dogs with you?" I asked , feeling slightly unsettled by the unusual visitors.

"Yes...I'm getting their food"

"Do me a favour and keep the inner door closed will you? I need to check that the cats have gone."

"What cats?"

"I'll tell you later"  and I turned to open the outer door, just in time to see the black sleek form of a Panther, slowly strolling up the garden path.
To be continued...

Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Re-Vamping on old canvas

I made this canvas a while ago for a competition...
and actually won a prize!!!!
I loved the little sprite but the rest feels a bit
"not me"
 So I reverted to type and  smooshed the 
fuck out of it.
Just leaving the face as a new starting point...
 After adding inks I remembered I'd varnished the original
so I added a coating of white gesso...
and as expected everything just blended.
 So before continuing I added a coat of clear gesso 
and let it all dry .
I used charcoal to sketch out the new figure...
 replacing the toadstool with a block of stone...
 and a collar with broken chain links.
 Starting to feel much more "me"
Mwahahahaha..... :D
Enjoy XXX

Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Just waiting....

I have been struggling to write lately
 as I choose to try not to offend. 
Every one says we are entitled to free speech 
and our own opinion on whatever...
unless you are on the opposite side of the argument to them.
So I choose not to join in....but I am getting bored now.
Bored is not good.
It leaves room for annoyance and anger.
I don't like being angry. It is a waste of energy.
So I just wait....


Silently I wait.
A dull soft warmth within.
Will you sit with me?
Will you rekindle the spark of life
and share that warmth again?
Do you prefer to fan the flames that 
destroyed my desire...
or will you watch silently,
patiently waiting til the time is right?

While you consider
I will just wait.
Silently watching.
Protecting my inner flame.


Blessed Spring Equinox to all XXX

Monday, 20 March 2017

In my dreams...

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OMG  have been sitting on this post for ages!!!
Beccy sent the images through in plenty of time
 and I couldn't wait to play!!!
I started by creating a "Fantasy" background.
I got these acrylic paint spritzers for just £5 and they are fabulous!
I wet a piece of watercolour paper...
and spritzed...
After the squeeeeing subsided I gathered some
co-ordinating papers.
I wanted to make the background more detailed so
I over stamped using foliage from Stamps by Me.
 I just did simple matting with holographic card and 
matt green card which made the background feel more
dimensional .

Now to add the image!!!!!
I am sooooooooo in lurve wth
Neville from Beccy's
I cut him up to decoupage with,
and used my Cameleon Pens for the first time
*had them ages but hadn't tried them.
 Totally different to using Promarkers*
Simply mounted onto the background he looks so at home lol.
I just added a sentiment which reads
"appreciate the little things in life"
He certainly makes me smile :D

Enjoy :D XXX

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