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Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Hortense's Wedding....and how it nearly didn't happen!

*Should have been posted in July and I totally forgot sorry*

It was the morning of what should have been the happiest day of Hortense's life....

 Miss Fiona was frantically, but skilfully,  adding the finishing touches to the veil and dress...
 "My goodness...that was a close call" she sighed as she snipped off  the last silken threads.
 With time to spare Hortense was dressed in her beautifully woven finest.

Meanwhile, Horatio was seated by the window of his room, clutching the diamond encrusted bracelet he had commissioned on his last voyage for just this day. *rabbits and Hares struggle to wear rings*

 Hortense had gone for a walk in the garden to compose herself before the celebrations began...
this was when things took a hideous turn!!
Simeon Whyte stepped out from behind the Monbretia.
"My dearest Hortense..." he crooned, "why are you doing this to me?"
 " I don't understand your meaning sir" was her curt response.
"Why are you agreeing to marry Horatio, when you know you belong to me?"
"BELONG to YOU!" Hortense almost squealed, such was her amazement at his words.
 " Yes" retorted Simeon, " Remember this ?"
He held out his pocket watch, in the back of which was enclosed a collection of forget-me-not flowers.
"You gave me this as a symbol of our love...before Harriet arrived". His speech now held more than a suggestion of a threat.
"Call off the wedding right now, or I will have to have a little chat with Horatio...and maybe Her Maj too?"
Hortense was distraught, she had no intention of marrying Simeon. The gift was given in the flush of youth. To be honest, she had forgotten all about it, such was her love for Horatio.
As she sat, dumbfounded by the events, Her Majesty the Queen came looking for her.
"What on earth are you doing here? You should be greeting your guests!"
"Hortense?....Are you crying?"

Hortense totally broke down, blurting out the secret that she had kept for so long, 
"Simeon IS Harriet's father!!!!....I knew it! The Ace of Clubs owes me £5 HA!"
Not quite the response Hortense was expecting.
"Now stop being silly, go inside and wash your face, Horatio is waiting for you...and don't worry about Simeon. What is the use of being besties with the Queen if you can't tust her to help you out occasionally?"

Simeon wasn't quite so pleased to be in Her Maj's company as he had expected to be...
in fact, after there "little chat", he made his excuses and left the area...much faster than anyone had seen him move in many a year.

As for Hortense and Horatio...
they were married amongst the last roses of the year...
 their love for each other clearly visible for all to see.
 Horatio said he was the happiest Hare in the land...
but I think we know that Hortense feels doubly blessed :D

Enjoy XXX

Tuesday, 10 November 2015

My Blog ...the Crochet Widow....

Time really does fly when you are learning a new skill....
but I am trying to get back into some other crafting too...

 My DL works in a veterinary surgery and was embarrassed by the icky green plastic folder they had been using as a book of condolence for people to leave memories of pets that needed to pass on. So she asked me if I had anything nicer they could use.
*She knows me too well lol*
I just happened to have an A4 sketch book (good quality paper), which was crying out to be decorated...
Papermania Botanicals combined with Pollyanna Pickering images, a kitten stamp from Crafter's Companions Beatrix Potter collection...

 a budgie stamp from Joanna Sheen...
and a cute muddy paw print stamp from I've no idea where...
 finished off with a rub on "Best Friend".
She loved it ...and I hope it will help those who have to make those hard decisions for their best friends.

I have also started another Round he world journal with a group of arty FB friends.
We each have chosen our own themes...this is mine lol

 This is "Winter" for one friends "Seasons" themed journal...
and a portrait for another journal themed "Frida Inspired"

So I'm still around and crafting....
and no I didn't get turned into a Frog over the Holidays :D
Unlike this little witch...though she doesn't seem to mind at all :D
Enjoy XXX


Saturday, 31 October 2015

Welcome strangers

Wishing All and Every soul a Blessed Samhain.
May each of us find our hearts true home.
May a light shine ever to guide us as we travel life's bumpy roads.
And May we return from our travels wiser than we left.
BLessed Be XXX

A Stranger at the Door

Candles glowing in the windows,
Guiding home the wandering souls.
Flames together, softly dancing,
Seen through eyes replaced by holes.

Curling smoke, like fingers beckon,
Pointing out the entrance near.
If you knock will some one listen?
Will the people gathered hear?

Softly now, don't want to startle
Happy families having fun,
Think they might have heard your footsteps,
Call to you..."It's ok...come!"

"We've set a place for you to join us.
Welcome on this darkest night!
Join us as we celebrate,
Help us learn to do things right."

"Tonight we celebrate with Love.
Our Harvest rich we gladly share.
We wish all lost souls Hope and Comfort,
Welcome arms and hearts that care."

Quietly you walk amongst them,
Warmed by smiles and prayers serene.
Finding Love in Life so vibrant,
Feeling that, at last, your seen.

Now as night fades into morning,
Time again to leave for home.
Not knowing where your people are now,
Existing only as you roam.

But once a year you're filled with Hope.
Next time you'll make it there for sure...
Next time, you'll be the long lost love...
and not The Stranger at the Door.

BLessed Be XXX