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Monday, 15 December 2014

Quick fly-by and updates...cos it's that time of year again

No rest for the wicked...especially at this time of year lol
Hortense now has a fabulous work desk with storage space for her workroom, and icicles are already forming on the eaves!!!
 A strange little visitor arrived (courtesy of Epiphany and Debi)
 and is planning all sorts of pranks ....
 while the woodland possey is busy making decorations for the party!!!
Hortense has (as she puts it) had a little rethink about the planned Nativity sketch, much to the relief of everyone, considering the guest of honour this year.
Unfortunately, this doesn't leave her much time to plan new entertainment....
the last time I saw her she was dragging an old dusty book out of the attic...

I have had a rather annoying head cold for the last 2 weeks, which left me with an even more annoying tickly cough!
Finally got round to working on doll who will be a special present for special friend...
This doll is called "Sweet Violet", and still needs a few finishing touches.
Stay safe and well through the Holidays (and winter)
Blessings to all :D XXX

Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Can't resist the Darkside....

I mentioned on an earlier post, that my friend was planning a "Calender" challenge for 2015, and ho I had bought this one from Poundland in preparation(cos you know I likes to be prepared).
 I had also decided to set each page(very thin paper) into a recycled/sticky photo album...
 Well now I am prepping that :D
Cos DARCY has officially announced her challenge, and I can get mucky YAY!
 Tis a "Rock" based journal so black gesso is a must!!!
 and any "obligatory ballad" surely draws heavily on the muse of Edgar Allan Poe...
(and I have been dying to make something for "Quoth The Raven" Challenge blog)
 No book feels quite as mystical as one with cobwebs and crinkles...
*paper, Halloween {scary sparkles} from My Minds Eye*
 extra crinklied before gluing down...
 Collaged to within an inch of it's life lol
 While inside, each double page is black gessoed to counteract the "sticky", and an image from the calender added as a base layer for inspiration....

Now this may look overly "dark", but it is the base layer...and fluorescent colours will pop if added.
Nothing to say a black background has to stay black. Oh, I have kept the acetate layers attaced to each page. This will allow additional "layering" :D
I chose the Elvis image for the first/January page, as he is generally credited with being the instigator of "Rock" as we know it.
Can't wait to join Darcy in this new challenge. Each month she is going to present an Altered page using a specific technique(which will be our challenge that month)

Enjoy....I will :D XXX