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Thursday, 28 August 2014

Thoughts of Autumn

I remember spending many rainy hours playing with my Gran's button tin as a child...
I find Autumn is the season I "think back" the most. I miss those moments of pleasure, the feel of the buttons running through my fingers, sorting them out in sizes and colours, and the sound as they dropped, clattering back into the tin.
She always had a Danish Butter biscuit tin...very exotic back in the 70's lol...
so I went out and bought 2 small tins of Danish Butter biscuits(her tin was blue too), ate the biccies and now have 2 button tins :D
 and am enjoying running my fingers through all the buttons once again. Yes it is easier to find the ones you want if they are kept in tidy little packets, but buttons in tins is just meant to be.
 Don't lose track of the simple pleasures...they are usually free and easy to find.

I recently read a conversation about "what would a Rock/Stone spirit look like?"
 Popular literature and modern day movies tend to show them as lumpy, grumpy and even aggressive creatures...
 Personally, I like rocks and stones...and see any spirit/faerie attached to them as being just as vulnerable as the rest of us.
 Even rocks need a hug sometimes...after all, they are holding the rest of us on their shoulders all the time. How many times have you described someone you depend on as a "Rock" ?
Looking at these rocks made me want to make a more "earthy" faerie.
 (she has moss growing on her to help with camouflage)
 I decided she was more of a sprite than a faerie, so no wings...just a long silky tail instead.
 Roc doesn't need a jacket, if she gets cold she just wraps her tail around herself :D
 Any sudden noises send her scurrying, and she tries to "blend in" with the nearest stones...
 Stone sprites are very helpful she is checking on supplies for winter.
 (I didn't like to tell her they are dried fruit and no longer good to eat)

So how will you be spending your Autumnal evenings? 
What memories sneak back into your thoughts when the evenings start drawing in?
Enjoy :D XXX

Monday, 18 August 2014

Starting to feel a lot like Autumn

I may not be able to get to my paints, but it doesn't really matter at this time of year.
As Autumn progresses and the temperature starts to drop it is time to prepare for Winter (by which I mean knitting :D )
A simple cabled band to keep my ears warm...
 and a chunky snood for extra protection...
 (I still think humans are designed for hibernation)

And while I'm doing wool...
Say hello to Ravyn...
 This little faerie has feathery black and blue hair, a fluffy "tail" skirt and long birdlike wings...
and will be flying to a Love Crow's nest very shortly :D

Enjoy :D (and to those in the northern hemisphere...start wrapping up soon)

Thursday, 14 August 2014

Mish mosh...

Can't believe how much I am missing my art space already...
(it is even emptier than this now)
But am looking forward to having my boy home for a while :)
And while we are making a mess we thought why not add soot and cement dust...
 and open up the old fireplace....
 (getting there slowly)
A lovely arting opportunity came as Jackie Beeman's circle journal arrived for me to work in.
Organised by Ayala's Art, we are working in small 5x7 inch journals.
I used water soluble pencils blended with clear gesso,paint pens and permanent marker. The leaves and motto are from Darcy's newest stamp set for Paper Artsy. It says 
"Turn your face to the sun and the shadows will always fall behind you"

 Now some fluffy clouds...
 how fantastic did this many different varieties of cloud over-laying each other...
 and then I spotted the perfection that is wild Honeysuckle growing through blackberry briars!!!
 (smells totally awesome)
Meanwhile...I HAD to do some crafting... so I am knitting another faerie...
( It is a gift for a friend shhhhhhh...)
Enjoy :D XXX

Tuesday, 12 August 2014

So sad....

(I don't now who this image belongs to, but I hope they won't mind me sharing it here)

You could always see the sadness in his soul, but he shared such hope and happiness.
When I heard the news of his passing today I was pushed to write a short piece.
Much Love Mr Williams, you are the epitome of "irreplaceable"


A hug isn't always enough...
When you hear your child sobbing quietly to himself.
"What's wrong darling?"
"I don't know..."
"Why are you crying?"
"I'm just so sad"

A hug isn't all it takes...
To drive away the daemons in his heart.
"Why are you sad baby?"
"I don't know..."
"What is hurting you?"
"Everything, this world is horrible!"

A hug can't always heal he pain or injustice
That to him is so intense...
"Who do I need to talk to?"
" I don't know!!!"
"Let me try sweetheart"
"No point...they just won't get it!"

"What can I do to feel better?"
"Can I have a hug?"
Because sometimes...just sometimes...
a hug IS enough.

May your soul finally find peace 
Blessed Be


Thursday, 7 August 2014

Maybe MIA for a little while...

Boy no.1 is coming home for a while so they can build up some savings and find a more suitable house to rent(the one they are in is almost £600 per month) as he can only find part time work at present.
Not a problem for me, but it means I have to pack away my art supplies for a time.
On the other hand, it does mean I can get stuck into some scrapbooking(can't do it while covered in paint and glue lol)
And I could do some more knitting...and I will still be able to sew!!!
I will be back as soon as I have moved ALL my stash(aaaargh) back into my bedroom!!!
At least it will give me chance to freshen up the paintwork lol
Blessed Be :D XXX

(thinking happy thoughts)

Monday, 4 August 2014

An hour of inconvenience?

100 years ago today, the World stood at the brink of War.
A generation of men(and boys) stepped up to "Do their duty".
One was my Grandfather Henry(known as Harry) Brown
We are lucky to have this picture of is the only one we have, and has been on display in our home since his wife died in the 1970's.
None of his children wanted it. He had been an angry and aggressive father, who had a cruel sense of "teaching lessons" in life.
Yet our mother insisted on keeping the photo. Our Dad (his 3rd son) would get angry when talking about him, yet on other occasions would say how our Grandad would have loved us so much. and told us how, when the first black man came to teach at the local school no one would give him lodgings, but our Grandad took him in without hesitation.(must find out the photo of that gentleman)

We also have a box of medals...some Grandad's some his eldest sons from WW2..

 But these treasures have never been hidden away...
which is how I got the information I needed to search for his records.
 Each medal is engraved with his name regiment and regimental number...
 on the round medals it is engraved around the edge...
Poignantly, the words read "The Great War for Civilisation"....I wonder what they would think of "civilisation" right now? 
Even with this information it took me many hours scrying through records..I must have read over a thousand pages before finding him...H Brown is a very common title, and his notes had been mixed in and filed under a different H Brown. Hopefully your search will be easier.
 Tonight from 10pm til 11pm The Royal British Legion are asking that we take an hour to contemplate and remember the moment that these men knew they would be going to War. They are asking for a "Lights Out" period, where we light a single candle instead. I will be doing this tonight.

Our Grandad actually signed up on 28th August 1914 at 19years of age.
 He survived in the field until June 1918, when a "severe head wound" hospitalised him. He was given time to recover before being sent back in November...He was hospitalised again with "Bronchitis" almost immediately, but finished the War back in the field(as best as I can tell from the records)
He may have survived physically, but who can tell how much of his "anger" was carried from those fields?

We all take time to remember on November 11th, but I have made a point of remembering all year round...

"Lest We Forget"

(photo of the fields our Grandad/Dad/selves grew up walking in,taking by my brother Carl Brown)

BLESSED BE <3 p="">

Wednesday, 30 July 2014


Never thought I'd do it...but I finally took the plunge and bought a sewing machine!!!
I am always so overwhelmed by the gadgetiness of these creatures, so I just kept it simple. A few fancy stitches, back and forth lever and a foot pedal lol
And I have to say I'm loving it :D (It has threading instructions drawn on the machine lol)

I had started this cushion cover years ago, but my son "grew out of it" before I got chance to finish perfect project to play with my new machine.
I have only done straight lines so far, but it is so much quicker than hand stitching(the quilting is still hand sewn....straight lines is boring)

I will be sending this to a far of friend who needs a hug right now. She hugs Donkeys at every opportunity, and I thought she would be able to hug these two when she is unable to get near the real thing :D go play :D XXX