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Wednesday, 22 October 2014

The making of a Queen

 Working on the latest adventures of Hortense Hare, I felt the need for Her Majesty the Queen of Hearts to join the party.
Thinking about her gown, I found this fabric with red AND white roses on...
 She is a little bit "wonkier" than I normally manage, but I was determined to try using my sewing machine to make her...
 and the wooden heart buttons were a must have....
 The Rose fabric was very "loud", so I combined it with a more sedate gold on black print to calm it a little...
 But Her Maj is not known for her subtlety, and insisted on frills and bling.
 A hand crafted heart and flower pendant and a matching hat to finish her ensemble....
and Her Majesty was ready to party...!
Now she is off, sneaking around Hortense's garden, trying to find out what she is up to while Harriet and Horatio are away. Her friend has been behaving a tad stranger than usual....

To find out what Hortense has been up to you will have to join me on Saturday for the Fanciful Twist Halloween Party

and if you have the time, why not join in :D XXX


Friday, 17 October 2014

Howling at the Moon....

Hello is time......
This year I decided to craft as well as create with words, so here is a short story for you, and some "blooms" for Magaly :D


In daylight the Daisies looked so innocent and pure.
The fact that they were growing in the garden of a creepy old wreck of a house mattered not.
Abigail planned to return late in the day and visit with these sweet little posies.

As many of us are aware, our days seldom run to plan, and Abigail didn't manage to visit the Daisies until it was well past bedtime.
"Maybe they are Moon Daisies?" she mused, "...and will look even prettier after dark."
Abigail wrapped a warm shawl around herself and headed to the large meadow-like garden in front of the creepy old house.

By the time she arrived, the Moon was high over head, and she could see the Daisies had turned and contorted to face their Goddess.
Abigail felt a shudder of excitement as she removed her slippers to creep through the downy grass, her intention not to disturb these precious Angels in their worship.

It wasn't until she was halfway across the garden that Abigail began to sense that something just didn't feel right.... and it was only one more step before she knew it wasn't.

The stinging on her toes she had thought caused by nettles ...  well it is to expected when walking barefoot through a stranger's garden. But now, as she looked closer, she could just make out the glimmer of tiny eyes and teeth.

Something was snapping at her heels....

Pulling at the hem of her dress....

Dragging her to the ground!

Fighting the panic that was threatening to overwhelm her, and scolding herself for her own carelessness, Abigail struggled to her knees, only to find herself face to face with the Moon Daisies.....

By daylight the Daisies looked so innocent and pure...

By the light of the Moon... they did not!!!

My addition to a plain sketch book.
Daisies cut using Spellbinders Gerber Daisy Die D Lite
Papers used: My Minds Eye "Halloween {scary sparkles} and Best Creations Halloween collection.

Why not pop over to Magaly's blog and check out the creepy goings on
Enjoy :D 


Thursday, 9 October 2014

Past and Present...

So looking forward to meeting up with crafty friends Darcy and Clare next week!!!
...and no meeting is proper without pressies.
We try to give each other things that are a bit outside the norm, so just had to make them each a knitted doll...
 Darcy loves Red...
 and has funky hair...
 whereas Clare loves Steampunk...
 and SciFi ...
I still have a few finishing touches to add...
 but am loving the different personalities they have...
 just like the real thing lol :D

Enjoy :D XXX

Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Crappy Days

Ok...had a Crappy week with youngest struggling at school. Aspergers, hormones(he turned 16 today) and GCSE's make for a really bad recipe in my world.
To break the headache I try something new .... saw this in the supermarket...
 No idea what it was, but the name sounded freakish "POMELO"
Turns out it is a citrus fruit of some kind (thanks Wiki)
 Youtube provided instructions on how to prepare it lol
(for a technophobe I loves me some Google)
 For a cost of £1.87 each there is an awful lot of packaging...
 and apparently not a lot of fruit...
 an awful lot of work...
 though it isn't very juicy so not sticky or messy to peel.
 I would describe the texture as that of pomegranate bits...
 I awful lot of waste for not a lot of fruit.
And it isn't very sweet...but then it may be used as a savoury dish.
So does anyone know what I can make with this?
It looks like grapefruit, but taste like a bland dry orange :/
I am thinking a bag of brown sugar may need adding lol
Enjoy :D XXX

Tuesday, 23 September 2014

BLessed Mabon...

Yes I know I used a capital L in the title...I have recently noticed that whenever I type the word blessed, for some reason I always type both B and L as capitals. So I have decided there must be a reason and am going to leave it from now on. Any insight as to why is most welcome.
Back to Blogland :D
It's that time of year (in the north) again...mwahahahaha....
I have sighed up for 3 blog parties for next month.

First up is Magaly's Witches in Fiction (and no you don't have to be a writer to join in, but it may contain scary stories so be warned)

 Secondly is a funky hat wearing kind of gathering hosted by Vanessa at A Fanciful Twist(I has a new hat *squeeee....*)

 And Finally(and probably very freakishly) is Annie Walls homage to Edgar Allen Poe :D
Can you tell my juices are bubbling and flowing over these awesomely creepy events?

But first we have Mabon...celebration of a glorious harvest, and this year I have been blessed with a wonderful crop of and crab apples.
not to mention the glut of blackberries!
So today I have "Autumn sunshine" to last me through the winter nights
(or crabapple jelly lol)
And today I was out harvesting in the hedgerows so that tomorrow I can make...
Rose hip syrup!!!!
 And finally I would like to share a prayer I wrote way back in 2011 that seems equally appropriate this year...


At this time of balance and healing, I ask the great Mother Goddess (feel free to insert the name you worship) to give those of us with the will, the power to heal this world.
Let our wishes be for joy and happiness for all.
Let the harvest be bountiful for all nations in equal measure, and let rage and hatred be tempered with mercy.
I pray you guide the hearts of those holding others against their will, and that they be allowed to return to their families unharmed.
I give thanks unending for the glorious harvest in my life. For 2 strong sons, and a truly loving husband. And especially for the love of good friends, always in our hearts no matter the miles between us.

BLessed Be XXX


Monday, 15 September 2014

You guys have been so busy!!!

Gosh I had forgotten how hectic life gets with people coming and going randomly all day. Doesn't leave much time for crafting and art.
This little lady arrived safely at her new home with Linda, and she is now named "Gia" :D
 and this is the gorgeous faerie cottage that Linda made for me as a return gift! It arrived this morning and I am still smiling like a loon :D
 Bailey has been missing his boy, and fell asleep hugging his leg last night bless him.
 Looking forward to meeting up with friends in October, and making more faeries to gift them...(but's a surprise)
 Mostly last week I was busy preparing items to be displayed at the church I was baptised in. They were holding a remembrance for the centenary of the Great War and asked for any items we had to share. I took my Grandad's  photo taken in 1914, along with his medals and military service records.
The ladies and gent's of St Leonard's church Dinnington, along with those at the Lyric Theatre and the British legion did a wonderful job honouring our ancestors. Wish I could have stayed for the service at the cenotaph, but we left some flowers instead.
(same name as my grandad (Harry Brown),but it is his eldest son who died in WW2)
Will catch up with you all soon, promise !
Enjoy :D XXX

Thursday, 4 September 2014

Woodland Faerie...going home

A lady called Linda left a lovely comment on my last post asking where she could buy one of my knitted faeries......:D
You all know I don't sell...they are gift's who choose their own home.
So I checked out Linda's blog...
not only does she appear to share my love of nature, but she also makes cottages for Faeries!
(hope she doesn't mind me showing you this pic...too lovely not to share)

Well that just about clinched it really...of course a faerie would want to go live with her...
so her she is :D
(I have not named her, Linda can have that honour)

 After looking at Linda's blog and all the gorgeous blooms she has in her garden, I couldn't resist using vibrant happy colours.
 Linda had asked for a "Woodland" type faerie, so her skirt is made from leaves...
 and lovely Linda has fluffy friends, which allowed me to add a layer of "foofiness"
 "Foofy" hair adds balance to this autumnal little lady...
 and when it comes to wings, it makes sense that small sturdy wings are better suited to flitting through twiggy branches and bramble patches
 Having no name made her a little shy, but Roc held her hand for a while,
 and she soon gained confidence :D
Hope you like her Linda, can't wait to find out what her name is :D
I will parcel her up tomorrow ready to mail on Saturday.
Enjoy :D XXX